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Quick Start Guide, 64240916L1-13B, November 2006 Copyright © 2006 ADTRAN, All Rights Reserved
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Quick Start Guide


Total Access 900e Series P/N 4240908L1, 4240916L1, 4240924L1, 4240924L2


Two configuration methods are available for your Total Access 900e Series unit:
Web-based GUI
AOS Command Line Interface (CLI)
The GUI lets you configure the main unit settings and provides online guidance and
explanations for each setting. However, using the AOS CLI may be necessary for more
advanced configurations.


You may access the web-based GUI from any web browser on your network by following these
1. Connect the unit to your PC using the ETH 0/1 port on the rear panel of the unit.
2. Set your PC to a fixed IP address of If you cannot change the PC’s IP address,
you will need to change the unit’s IP address using the CLI. (Refer to the next two sections
for instructions.)
3. Enter the unit’s IP address in your browser address line. The default IP address is
4. You will then be prompted for the username and password (the default settings are admin
and password).
5. The initial GUI screen appears.


Access the AOS CLI via the CRAFT port or a Telnet session. To establish a connection to the
Total Access unit CRAFT port, you need the following items:
VT100 terminal or PC (with VT100 terminal emulation software)
Straight-through serial cable with a DB-9 (male) connector on one end and the appropriate
interface for your terminal or PC communication port on the other end
1. Connect the DB-9 (male) connector of your serial cable to the CRAFT port on the rear
panel of the unit.
2. Connect the other end of the serial cable to the terminal or PC.
3. Insert the connector of the provided power cord into the power interface on the rear panel
of the unit, and plug the cord into a standard electrical outlet.
4. Once the unit is powered up, open a VT100 terminal session using the following settings:
9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity bits, and 1 stop bit. Press <Enter> to activate the AOS
5. Enter enable at the > prompt.Enter the enable password when prompted. The default
password is password.
The following steps create and IP address and subnet mask for the ETH 0/1. If you are not sure what IP
address to assign, please contact your network administrator.
1. At the # prompt, enter config terminal.
2. At the (config)# prompt, enter interface eth 0/1 to access the configuration parameters for the
ETH 0/1 Ethernet port located on the rear of the unit.
3. Enter ip address to assign an IP address to the Ethernet port using a
24-bit subnet mask.
4. Enter no shutdown to activate the interface to pass data.
5. Enter exit to exit the interface commands and return to the Global configuration mode.
The following steps create a password of adtran for Telnet access. By default, Telnet access is enabled
with a password of password.
1. Verify that the prompt of your unit displays (config)#.
2. Enter line telnet 0 4 to change the configuration parameters for the Telnet sessions.
3. Enter login to initiate Telnet access.
4. Enter password adtran
to change the login password for the Telnet sessions.
5. Enter exit to return to the Global Configuration mode.
6. Verify that the prompt of your unit displays (config)#.
7. Enter do write memory to save the current configuration.
The configuration parameters used in the examples outlined in this
document are for instructional purposes only. Please replace all
underlined entries (
example) with your specific parameters to configure
your application.
Depending on your configuration, you may need to set a default gateway as well
as using the (config)#ip default gateway command. If IP routing is enabled on
the unit, do NOT set a default gateway.


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