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Analogue Systems RS-380N
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The RS380 is a composite module comprising four separate
‘sub-modules’ that you can patch together or with other RS
Integrator modules to generate and control a wide range of
effects. It is designed for use when space is at a premium, and
combines a flexible Voltage Controlled Low Frequency
Oscillator (VC-LFO) with a noise generator, a Voltage
Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and a random signal (sample &
hold) generator.
The RS380 is extremely flexible, but should you require more
extensive facilities and control in each of these areas, you
should consider using three separate modules: the RS40 Clock
module, Noise Generator, and Sample & Hold Generator; the
RS80 Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Modulator; and the
RS180 Voltage Controlled Amplifier.




Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator
[The following introduction is derived from the chapter on the RS80
Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator.]
Not all periodic oscillations occur within the range of audible
frequencies, but this does not mean that you can not hear them.
For example, a violinist’s vibrato may take the form of an
oscillation at, say, 5Hz, while the growl produced by over-
blowing a brass instrument may occur at 18Hz. Even in
isolation, you may hear a periodic waveform at subsonic
frequencies - for example, a clock oscillator with an output of
1Hz will sound like a series of clicks. (Strictly speaking, these have a high bandwidth due to the transient
nature of the waveform, and you would not hear a sine wave of the same frequency, but that is not the
Synthesisers have a class of oscillators - Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) - that create these, and many
other, effects. They can add vibrato to a sound, produce growl, act as low frequency clocks and, on some
synthesisers, double as audio frequency oscillators.


The RS380 VC-LFO offers a very low minimum frequency that allows you to create a variety of varying
modulations and effects. Its maximum frequency lies in the middle of the audio range. The RS380 VC-
LFO can, therefore, be used in three ways: as a low frequency modulator; as an audio frequency modulator;
and as a secondary sound source.

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