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Antares Auto-Tune 7
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    When you have played the entire melody, press
    the Learn Scale From MIDI button again to end
    the process. The Edit Scale Display will now
    contain a scale containing only those notes that
    appeared in your melody.
    If you happen to have made an error during
    note entry, or want to try again for any other
    reason, simply click the Learn Scale From MIDI
    button and start the process again.
    NOTE: When you start the process by
    pressing the Learn Scale From MIDI
    button, all notes are first Removed
    from the chromatic scale in preparation for
    adding just the notes you play. If you then
    press the Learn Scale From MIDI button again
    without playing any notes, you will be left with a
    chromatic scale with all notes removed. In that
    state, Auto-Tune 7 will pass all notes with no
    correction applied. So don’t do that.
    Target Notes Via MIDI
    To use the Target Notes Via MIDI function,
    ensure that the desired MIDI source is routed
    to Auto-Tune 7, then click the Target Notes Via
    MIDI button. Its color will change to blue and
    the Edit Scale display will automatically be set
    to a chromatic scale with all of the notes set
    to Remove. While in this mode, Auto-Tune 7
    continuously monitors its MIDI input for Note
    On messages. At any instant, the scale used
    for correction is defined by all MIDI notes that
    are on. For example, if MIDI notes A, C and E
    are held, Auto-Tune 7’s input will be retuned to
    an A, C or E, whichever is closest to the input
    The source of the MIDI input would typically be
    a MIDI keyboard or sequencer track, and could
    consist of chords, scales, or, most powerfully,
    the exact melody that the input should be
    corrected to.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will not
    be defining Auto-Tune 7’s target
    pitches via MIDI, be sure that the
    Target Notes Via MIDI button is off. If it is left
    on and no MIDI note data is present, Auto-Tune
    7 will pass through all audio unprocessed
    giving the impression that Auto-Tune 7 is not
    ANOTHER NOTE: We realize that there
    is some possibility of confusion
    between the Target Notes Via
    MIDI function and the Learn Scale From MIDI
    function described above. To clarify: Target
    Notes Via MIDI is used to specify target pitches
    in real time while pitch correction is occurring,
    while Learn Scale From MIDI is used in
    advance of correction to create a custom scale.
    Octave As Played/All Octaves
    For both of the MIDI functions (Learn Scale
    from MIDI and Target Notes via MIDI), you
    can choose whether you want incoming MIDI
    notes to affect all octaves or just the notes in
    the specific octaves in which they are played.
    Simply click the desired button. The button will
    change color to blue to indicate your choice.
Antares Auto-Tune 7

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