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The Graphical Tools

The graphical tools are used in conjunction with
the edit buttons to create or modify the desired
correction objects.
NOTE: The two tools dedicated to
time correction and manipulation will
be described in the Time Controls
section later in this chapter.
ANOTHER NOTE: In addition to clicking
on the various tools, if your host
passes key presses to plug-ins, you
can assign selected tools to
QWERTY number
keys using the Key Binding function in the
Options dialog.
The Line Tool
The Line Tool is used to draw
multi-segment straight lines on the
Pitch Graph. Start the process by
selecting the Line Tool and clicking anywhere
on the Pitch Graph to set an anchor point. As
you move the cursor, a line will extend from the
anchor point to the cursor position. Click again
to set a second anchor point and define the
first segment of your pitch contour. Continue
clicking and defining lines until your contour is
complete. End the process by double-clicking
on the final anchor point or pressing esc on
your keyboard.
Pressing Option/Alt on your keyboard during
line entry will force the current segment to be
perfectly horizontal.
NOTE: Due to issues in Pro Tools
for PC that are beyond our control,
using the Alt key to constrain a
line segment to horizontal does not function
in those versions. However, you can get an
equivalent effect by using the Snap To Note
function (see below) to constrain a line segment
to a semitone, and then using the Arrow Tool
to move that horizontal line segment to any
intermediate pitch.
If you have enabled Snap To Note mode (see
below), each segment will automatically snap
to the nearest semitone. Pressing the Shift
key on your keyboard while drawing a line
temporarily toggles the state of the Snap To
Line button. I.e., if Snap To Note mode is not
enabled, pressing Shift will enable it for as long
as Shift is pressed. Conversely, if Snap To Note
mode is enabled, pressing Shift will disable it
for as long as Shift is pressed.
If you move the cursor outside the Pitch Graph
during point entry, the graph will automatically
To delete the last anchor point entered, press
delete on your keyboard (you can do this
repeatedly back to the very rst anchor point).
Only one pitch correction object (Line, Curve,
or Note) can exist at any time point on the Pitch
Graph. When you complete the entry of a line
object, any object(s) that previously existed at
the same time will be deleted.
NOTE: If, while the Line Tool is
selected, you move the cursor onto
the Envelope Graph Display, it will
temporarily change to the Magnifying Glass Tool,
allowing you to quickly and easily move to any
other point in your audio and then resume editing
without needing to manually change tools.
The Curve Tool
The Curve Tool is used to draw
arbitrary curves on the Pitch Graph.
Start the process by selecting the
Curve Tool and clicking anywhere on the Pitch
Graph to set an anchor point. Hold down your
mouse button and move the cursor to draw the
desired pitch contour curve. End the process by
releasing your mouse button.
Unlike the Line Tool, the Pitch Graph will not
scroll if you attempt to move the Curve Tool
cursor outside the current display area.
Antares Auto-Tune 7

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