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Outdoor Antenna


Congratulations! Your new Terrestrial Digital antenna will give you the best possible digital and HD picture quality (yes, even better than cable or
satellite). Today, local digital TV (DTV)—including HDTV—is available over the air using this antenna. Over-the-air signals are not compressed
like cable or satellite transmissions and THEY’RE FREE! Here are a few simple tips to make the installation as easy as possible and optimize the
performance of your new antenna.
While your new antenna will allow you to receive local over-the-air (OTA) digital TV stations, it will not provide cable or satellite channels. After
local OTA signals are received by your antenna, the digital signals must be decoded, so your DTV set can display a digital picture. To watch true
HDTV, you must have:
Programming originating (produced) in HDTV
HDTV transmission broadcast (At this time, not all programming from your local station or cable or satellite
channels is broadcasted in HD - consult your local programming guide),
An HDTV tuner (receiver)
An HDTV monitor (display).
There are currently 3 ways to decode these local DTV stations utilizing this antenna:
1. An HDTV set with a built in digital tuner. Most TVs sold after 2007 will have these built in. Ask if it has one when you purchase it.
2. An over-the-air digital tuner (Often called a set-top box). If the owner’s manual of your set top box does not specifically state a digital
tuner is included, you will need to purchase a set top box with an ATSC tuner.
3. An HD satellite tuner. Both Dish Network® and DIRECTV® offer HDTV satellite receivers with the over-the-air digital tuner built-in.
Please note that once the antenna is mounted and plugged into the appropriate source on your DTV or digital tuner, you will need to perform a
channel scan. If the antenna is moved, the channel scan must be performed again to assure correct alignment.
Installation Tips
1. Mount the antenna on your rooftop for optimal performance. The antenna may be installed in an attic, but this may cause
loss of signal strength. Face the front of the antenna towards the transmitting towers. Don’t know where your towers are?
2. Once the antenna is mounted and the cable is connected you are ready to run the cable to your digital tuner, HD satellite
receiver or digital TV (Note: shorter cables runs are better).
3. Perform the channel scan—consult your TV manual for instructions.
Note: With digital television, it’s an “all or nothing” proposition. On a digital channel you will never see “snow” or “fuzz” If you see “snow” then
you are tuned to an analog broadcast. Once a digital signal is acquired, it will be perfect. If that signal is interrupted, it will be blank.
4. Avoid using an antenna mounted amplifier in urban areas.
5. Seal all outdoor connections, especially at the antenna, with a waterproof sealant. Humidity in the atmosphere, can form
water droplets and corrode your connections.
Fact: Most of the DTV/HDTV antennas returned to us are in perfect working order,
but are returned because of faulty installation techniques.
Trouble Shooting Tips
Common causes of signal loss: (approximate)
Long cable runs - 30% loss for every 100 ft of RG6
Satellite Diplexers -10%-50% loss
Splitters - 50% loss per port
Corroded connections - 20% -90% loss
If your signal is weak, check the length of your cable run (the shorter the better) and remove any splitters or diplexers. Check all connectors/junc-
tions for secure fit or corrosion. If your cable run must be longer than 75 feet, or you must use a splitter, consider a pre-amplifier-- http://www.

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