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Arctic Cooling Alkaline AA
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BedienungsanleitungArctic Cooling Alkaline AA

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Long-Lasting Alkaline AA / AAA Batteries

(Pfäffikon/Switzerland, 17 August 2009) The Swiss thermal solution provider
ARCTIC COOLING has extended its product line from manufacturing low
noise computer coolers to other high quality electronic products. Today the
Company unveiled the ARCTIC POWER, durable alkaline batteries in both
AA and AAA size. 8 batteries per pack, the ARCTIC POWER give users
long-lasting power at a good value.
Powerful batteries you can trust
The capacity of ARCTIC POWER is 2,900 mAh and 1,300 mAh for AA and AAA battery respectively. The
ARCTIC POWER batteries are long-lasting and offer a capacity of up to 4 times more conventional than zinc-
carbon batteries. This new high-performance alkaline battery is ideal for both low power consumption devices
and energy-intensive applications such as CD / MP3 players, PDAs, remote control etc.
Safe to use in extreme circumstances
Thanks to its wide operating temperature range, the ARCTIC POWER batteries perform well in all conditions.
Whether you are in the Arctic or at the equator, the quality of the batteries remains as high as usual.
The ARCTIC POWER will be available in September 2009. The MSRP (excluding VAT) for a pack of 8 AA
batteries is US$7.90/ 5.70€, and a pack of 8 AAA batteries is US$8.50 / 5.90€.
Classification Alkaline Alkaline
Designation ANSI-15A, IEC-LR6 ANSI-24A, IEC-LR03
Nominal voltage 1.5 Volts 1.5 Volts
Nominal capacity 2,900 mAh 1,300 mAh
Operating temperature
-30°C to +50°C -30°C to +50°C
Chemistry Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO
No mercury / cadmium / lead added
Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO
No mercury / cadmium / lead added
Terminals Cap, Base Cap, Base
Jacket Aluminium foil Aluminium foil
Average weight 23.5g 11.9g
Shelf life 5 years 5 years
ARCTIC COOLING Switzerland AG is the trusted leader in providing low noise thermal cooling solutions for PC.
Its diversified product lines include CPU cooler, VGA cooler, case fan, PC case and PSU. The innovative
engineering team excels in systematic noise reduction, heatsink development, customization of thermal
solutions, low noise fan design, PC case and PSU elaboration. Headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland,
ARCTIC COOLING operates international offices in Hong Kong and the US providing local shipping, customer
service and sales support for their regions.
For media enquiries, please contact:
Betsy Leung
Marketing Executive
+852 2989 6007


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Marke Arctic Cooling
Model Alkaline AA
Produkte Batterie
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Akku-/Batterietechnologie Alkali
Akku-/Batteriekapazität 2900 mAh
Akku-/Batteriespannung 1.5 V
Produktfarbe Silber
Akku-/Batterietyp Einwegbatterie
Sonstige Funktionen
Typ AA
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 116 mm
Tiefe 53 mm
Höhe 17 mm
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