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Airbed with Pump 18-4409 Model JL027007NE
18-4410 JL027007-2NE
31-4845, 31-8185-1 JL027007NG
31-4846, 31-8186-1 JL027007-2NG
Please read the entire instruction manual before using
the product and save it for future reference. We reserve
the right for any errors in text or images and any necessary
changes made to technical data. If you have any questions
regarding technical problems please contact our
customer services.


For indoor use only.
Do not expose the electric pump to moisture.
Inspect the mains lead regularly. Do not use
the airbed if the power lead or plug is damaged.
Never run the pump for longer than 15 minutes
at a time. Let the motor cool down for 20 minutes
before using it again. Pull the plug out when
the pump is not in use.
Do not let children use the electric pump without
Do not use hot air to fill the airbed, as it might melt.
Do not overfill the airbed. Adequate inflation is when
the bed is fully expanded and stable.
This product is not a buoyancy aid. Do not use it on
the water.
This product is not a lifebuoy or life-saving device.
Keep the airbed away from fire, as it could melt.
This product is not a toy. Do not stand or jump on
the product.
Always have the flocked surface facing upright.
Never hold the air inlet/outlet next to your eyes or
hair when the pump is running.
This product must not be used by anyone (including
children) suffering from physical or mental impairment.
This product should not be used by anyone without
sufficient experience or knowledge unless they have
been instructed in its use by someone who will take full
responsibility for their safety.

Product description

Airbed with built-in electric pump for speedy inflation and
deflation. Highly comfortable bed with flocked top.

Bed ination

1. Plug the mains lead into a wall socket.

Manual bed ination

It is possible to inflate the airbed manually if there is no wall
socket available.
1. Remove the cap from the air valve.
2. Connect the hand pump to the air valve. Don’t use a
compressor or other mechanical pump.
3. Inflate the bed manually.
4. Replace the air valve cap.

Care and maintenance

Note: If the airbed is used permanently with some kind
of mattress topper, it should be aired regularly. Otherwise
moisture can develop between the airbed and
the mattress topper, which in time can cause mould.
If the airbed is dirty, clean it using a damp cloth.
Do not use strong detergents.
Make sure that the airbed is dry before folding it up
for storage.
Empty the airbed of all air before storage.
Store the airbed in a cool, dry place.
Keep sharp objects away from the airbed.


This product should be disposed of in accordance with local
regulations. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact your
local authority.


Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power 130 W
18-4409/31-4845/31-8185-1 196×97×47 cm
18-4410/31-4846/31-8186-1 203×157×47 cm
2. Turn the control
knob to INFLATE.
2. Turn the control
knob to DEFLATE.
3. When the airbed is
sufficiently inflated (not hard),
turn off the pump by turning
the control knob to OFF.
3. When the airbed is empty,
turn off the pump by turning
the control knob to OFF.

Bed deation

1. Plug the mains lead into a wall socket.
4. Pull out the plug and place the lead in its caddy.
4. Pull out the plug and place the lead in its caddy.


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