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Audio-Technica ATW-T220a
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BedienungsanleitungAudio-Technica ATW-T220a

2000 series wireless systems

Frequency-agile Cardioid Dynamic Handheld UHF Transmitter


Rugged high impact housing with integral antenna
10 compatible user-switchable channels in one of two UHF
frequency ranges
High quality, dynamic cardioid microphone element with integral
shock mounts for low handling noise
Two-stage pop lter to protect against “p” pops
Switchable transmitter power output with high and low
settings offered
Integrated two-position power/mute switch
Straightforward internal channel selector with included tool
Digital Tone Lock™ to identify the wireless transmitter to
the receiver
Operates on two AA batteries
Battery condition indicator
Supplied with a heavy-duty microphone stand clamp
The ATW-T220 cardioid dynamic wireless handheld transmitter
incorporates the PRO 41 dynamic element created for professional
live sound venues. The element includes internal shock mounts for
low handling noise. An integral two-stage pop lter within the steel
headcase protects against “p” pops and other breath plosives. The
transmitter includes an adjustable gain control to tailor the input to
the sound source. An integrated two-position power/mute switch
eliminates the need for a separate mute button. An RF power select
switch offers high and low settings. The transmitter operates on two
standard AA batteries and a battery condition indicator illuminates
when the batteries are good. An internal channel selector allows the
transmitter to operate on any one of ten channels. The transmitter is
constructed of high-impact materials and includes a heavy-duty
microphone stand clamp.
Architect’s and Engineer’s Specications
The frequency-agile FM wireless handheld transmitter utilizing a
cardioid dynamic element shall be part of a wireless system offered
in two UHF bands, 656.125678.500 and 487.125506.500 MHz.
The element shall be protected by a rugged metal head case with
integral two-stage pop lter. A two-position positive-action mechanical
power/mute switch operable without looking at the transmitter shall
be provided. Transmitters using separate mute and power buttons
shall be unacceptable. The transmitter shall have illuminated indicator
to signify battery condition. Ten selectable channels shall be available.
Channel selection shall be via a recessed rotary selector and the proper
tool shall be included with the transmitter. The device shall have an LED
indicator when it is turned on. There shall be a trim adjustment to allow
input gain changes. The transmitter shall include a Tone Lock
to identify
the wireless transmitter to the wireless receiver. This transmitter
shall provide a minimum of 12 mW RF power level and shall operate
on two AA batteries. All channel settings and level adjustments shall
be hidden behind a removable cover to prevent unnecessary access.
The transmitter shall have an integral antenna and be constructed of
high-impact materials. A heavy-duty stand clamp shall be included
with the transmitter.
The FM wireless handheld transmitter shall be an Audio-Technica
ATW-T220a or equivalent.
In the interest of standards development, A.T.U.S. offers full
details on its test methods to other industry
professionals on request.
Specications are subject to change without notice.
High: 30 mW, Low: 10 mW, (switchable)
Following federal and national regulations
Dynamic, cardioid
Two 1.5V AA alkaline (not included)
or two 1.2V AA NiMH (not included)
Recharging power for NiMH batteries
(with ATW-CHG2)
U.S./Canada/Latin America: 3.2 V DC
- - -
230 mA x2
Other world areas: 3.2 V DC
- - -
320 mA x2
High: 7 hours (alkaline), Low: 9 hours (alkaline)
Depending on battery type and use pattern
232.0 mm (9.13") long, 48.0 mm (1.89")
252 g (8.9 oz), without batteries
AT8456a Quiet-Flex
stand clamp
RF power output
Spurious emissions
Microphone element
Battery life
Net weight
Accessory Included
Audio-Technica Corporation ©2014 Audio-Technica 0001-0034-02

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