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BedienungsanleitungAutel AutoLink AL329
LEDs and audible tone if your vehicle is ready to conduct state emission
2) If the GREEN LED lights and two long beeps are heard, your vehicle is
ready and it should pass emissions testing.
3) If the RED LED lights, your vehicle is not ready and must be repaired
before an emission test can be performed.
If you are driving the vehicle to perform a drive cycle ALONE, set the Status
Beep On. The beep signifies that the monitors have run and the diagnostics
testing completed. NEVER drive and operate the scan tool at the same time!
This function displays the real time data of emission-related monitoring
systems readiness status. Once the scan tool has finished other operations,
for example, clearing trouble codes, the I/M Readiness Monitor Status
program resets status of all the monitors toINC” condition. The vehicle must
be driven through a complete drive cycle to set the monitors to Ready status.
Times for reset vary by vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle’s service manual
for drive cycle information.
When using this function, only the ENTER/Exit button is available. The other
buttons are disabled to prevent misoperation.

LED and Tone Interpretation

Select Ready Test from the Main Screen and the screen displays as
depicted below, including applicable monitors status, MIL state, ignition type,
DTCs (stored one and pending).
Figure 4-2 Sample I/M Readiness Screen
If the scan tool is idle, the result will immediately display. If it is busy, it will
wait till the current procedure finished. After viewing the status, press
ENTER/Exit button to exit.

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