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BedienungsanleitungBaratza Virtuoso Preciso
hank you for purchasing the Virtuoso PRECISO Conical Burr Coffee
Grinder. With the Virtuoso PRECISO, it’s now easier than ever to make
professional quality coffee, whether at home, the ofce, or your café.
Below are detailed descriptions of the features that make the PRECISO stand
out from other grinders in its class.
Precise, commercial-quality burrs:
Manufactured in Italy, the PRECISO’S burrs are of the same material and du-
rability as the industry’s highest-quality line of commercial conical burr coffee
grinders. The burrs rotate slower than those of most grinders minimizing the
heat in the beans, to preserve the avor.
Innovative grind adjustment system:
Macro and Micro adjustments are quickly and repeatedly achievable with this
new precise adjustment system. The range of grind and accuracy of the set-
tings are truly impressive. The PRECISO has over 400 distinct settings of grind
from Espresso to French Press. An innovative calibration system allows all the
manufacturing tolerances of the grinder to be eliminated, resulting in identical,
accurate performance of each grinder. Furthermore the PRECISO’S ring burr
is supported on three points, providing a stable platform for a more accurate
grind. Whether in commercial, semi-professional or personal applications,
exact grind is imperative to a high-quality extraction and, therefore, a better cup
of coffee!
Efcient motor:
The PRECISO houses a powerful DC motor that produces more than four times
the output of a standard AC motor found in most grinders in this class. The
motor spins at less than one-third the speed, making it much quieter and lower
in pitch. Extremely well-made, the motor is built to handle long-duty cycles. In
addition, it possesses a thermal safety device that protects the motor from over-
heating and automatically resets once the motor cools.

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Virtuoso Preciso
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Was ist Espresso?

Espresso ist eine kleine Menge konzentrierten Kaffees.

Wie lange kann ich Kaffeebohnen aufbewahren?

Das Verfallsdatum der Kaffeebohnen ist auf der Verpackung der Kaffeebohnen angegeben. Dieses Verfallsdatum gilt, solange der Beutel geschlossen ist.

Was ist der beste Weg, um Kaffee zu lagern?

Es ist ratsam, Kaffee luftdicht und sauber zu lagern, zum Beispiel in einer Dose mit Bügelverschluss.

Was sagt der Mahlgrad über den Geschmack des Kaffees aus?

Wie die Kaffeebohnen gemahlen werden, beeinflusst den Geschmack des Kaffees stark. Wenn die Kaffeebohnen sehr fein gemahlen sind, haben Sie einen stärkeren Geschmack und mit einem gröberen Mahlgrad einen milderen Geschmack.

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