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Ultimate High-Band Flanger Eects Pedal
Thank you for showing your condence in us by purchasing the BEHRINGER HI BAND FLANGER HF300.
This high-quality eects pedal delivers incredible anging eects one octave higher than usual to take
your guitar or keyboard to a new level.
Originally, the anger eect was generated with two tape recorders running synchronously. The same
audio signal was recorded on both machines. If you put a nger on the left spool of one of the machines,
the spool and the playback speed are slowed down. The generated delay results in phase shifting
of the signals.

1. Controls

(1) The MANUAL control adjusts the delay length and determines the starting point for the
modulation range. If DEPTH is set to minimum, it controls a static comb lter eect between dry
and delayed signal, which can be used to create resonator-like sounds.
(2) The DEPTH control adjusts the anger sweep range according to the delay time.
(3) The RATE control adjusts the speed of the anger’s low frequency oscillator.
(4) The RES(onance) control determines the amount of output signal fed back to the anger input to
increase the resonance eect. This adds a jet stream like sound to the anger eect
(5) The ON/BATT LED illuminates when the eect is activated. It also serves as a
battery level indicator.
(6) Use the footswitch to activate/deactivate the eect.
(7) Use this ¼" TS IN connector to plug in the instrument cable.
(8) The ¼" TS OUT connector sends the signal to your amp.

(2) (3)


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Marke Behringer
Model HF300
Produkte Nicht kategorisiert
EAN 0736211843876, 4033653052689
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Produktfarbe Black,Green
Produkttyp Terrasse
Produktfarbe Black,Green
Produkttyp Terrasse
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 70 mm
Tiefe 123 mm
Höhe 54 mm
Gewicht 330 g
Breite 70 mm
Tiefe 123 mm
Höhe 54 mm
Gewicht 330 g
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