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By choosing a Bionaire
humidifier, you have
chosen one of the finest humidifiers on the
market today!
NOTE: Before reading these
instructions, please review the
corresponding illustrations.
A. Mist Nozzle
B. Handle
C. Water Tank
D. Tank Cap
E. Filter (x1)
F. Transducer
G. Water level security switch (not visible)
H. Airflow outlet
I. Water Basin
J. Base
K. Control Panel
K1 Power ON OFF
K2 Mist Setting Control
When using electrical appliances, basic safety
precautions should always be followed to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury
to persons, including the following:
1. Read all instructions before using the appliance.
2. To avoid fire or shock hazard, plug the
appliance directly into an electrical outlet
and fully insert the plug.
3. Keep the cord out of heavy traffic areas. To
avoid fire hazard, NEVER put the cord under
rugs, or near radiators, stoves, or heaters.
4. DO NOT place humidifier near heat sources
such as stoves, radiators, and heaters. Do
locate your humidifier on an inside wall near an
electrical outlet.The humidifier should be at least
10cm/4" away from the wall for best results.
5. WARNING: Never use a humidifier in a
closed room. (i.e: doors and windows closed)
as it may result in excessive humidity.
6. WARNING: Do not attempt to refill
humidifier without first unplugging the unit
from its electrical outlet. Be sure to pull by
the plug and not the cord.
7. NEVER drop or insert any object into any
openings. DO NOT place hands, face, or
body directly over or near Moisture Outlet
while unit is in operation. DO NOT cover
Moisture Outlet or place anything over it
while the unit is operating.
8. DO NOT operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, after the appliance
malfunctions, or if it has been dropped or
damaged in any manner. Return appliance
to manufacturer for examination, electrical or
mechanical adjustment, or repair.
9. Use appliance only for intended household
use as described in this manual. Any other
use not recommended by the manufacturer
may cause fire, electric shock, or injury to
persons. The use of attachments not
recommended or sold by Holmes Products
(Europe) Ltd. may cause hazards.
10. DO NOT use outdoors.
11. Always place humidifier on a firm, flat,
level surface. A waterproof mat or pad is
recommended for under the humidifier.
NEVER place it on a surface that may
become damaged by exposure to water
and moisture (i.e. finished floor).
12. DO NOT allow the Moisture Outlet to directly
face the wall. Moisture could cause
damage, particularly to wallpaper.
13. Humidifier should be unplugged when not
in use.
14. NEVER tilt, move, or attempt to empty unit
while it is operating. Shut off and unplug before
removing the water tank and moving the unit.
DO NOT attempt to remove the water tank
within 15 minutes after the humidifier is turned
off and unplugged. Serious injury may result.
15. This humidifier requires regular maintenance
to operate appropriately. Refer to cleaning
and maintenance procedures.
16. NEVER use detergents, petrol, glass
cleaner, furniture polish, paint thinner, or
other household solvents to clean any part
of the humidifier.
17. Excessive humidity in a room can cause water
condensation on windows and some furniture.
If this happens, turn the humidifier OFF
18. Do not use humidifier in an area where
humidity level is in excess of 55%.
19. DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any
electrical or mechanical functions on this
unit. The inside of the unit contains no user
serviceable parts. All servicing should be
performed by qualified personnel only.
20. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or its service
agent or a similarly qualified person.
21. This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance
by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.


22. CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazard due to
inadvertent resetting of the thermal cutout,
this appliance must not be supplied through
an external switching device, such as a timer,
or connected to a circuit that is regularly
switched on and off by the utility.
1. Be sure the humidifier is switched off
and disconnected from the wall outlet.
2. Install the Water Filter (E) into the base (J)
matching the filter hole with the base pin.
WARNING: When installing a new Water
Filter, be sure to first remove the plastic bag,
then follow “Filter Use Instructions”.
IMPORTANT: To eliminate the emission of
minerals from the water, it is recommended
that the Water Filter be used.
3. Place the water tank (C) onto the base.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the water tank
as well as the water basin (I) are clean
before using the appliance and after storing
for a long time.
4. Ensure humidifier is level.If the humidifier is not
level always turn the power off before handling it.
Fill Water Tank
NOTE: Be sure the humidifier is switched off
and disconnected from the wall outlet. The
water you put into the water tank should be
clean and not be over 40
° C
. (cold boiled water
or demineralised water are recommended).
1. Remove the water tank out from the base.
2. Unscrew the tank cap (D).
3. Fill the tank with clean water and screw the
tank cap back tightly onto the tank.
4. Put the water tank back on the base.
Switch the Unit On and Off (See Fig. 2 K1)
1. Put the plug into the main supply.
2. Press Power ( ) (K1) to switch on and off
the Ultrasonic Humidifier. The control panel
(K) is illuminated with one of three colours
depending on the rooms humidity when the
power is on.
NOTE: This unit has a memory. The control
panel will remember the previous mist output
level setting after the unit has been turned off.
However, if the unit is unplugged, the control
panel will reset to Hi ( ) and will no longer
remember the previous mist output level setting.
Mist Control/ Humidity Level Control
To raise or lower the humidity level, you will
need to touch the lower portion (K2) of the
control panel where the three separate droplets
are located, this will adjust between the mist
output levels.
Low Mist Output = 1 beep
Medium Mist Output = 2 beeps
High Mist Output = 3 beeps
The control panel has a humidity indicator light
and will show differing colours as follows:
Amber = Low humidity. (0-30%
Relative Humidity Level)
Green = Ideal Humidity Level
Blue = High humidity. (Above 56%
Relative Humidity Level)
Screen flashes = Water level is low, refill tank
This Ultrasonic Humidifier has a built in
safety device:
1. When the water level in the basin is low,
the unit will beep 10 times and the control
panel will continuously flash, the transducer
(F) will automatically shut off. Refill the tank
as instructed in “Operating Instructions” to
operate the humidifier again.
The Water filter is used to retain minerals in
your water and to provide clean moisture. The
filter life is determined by the average daily use
of your humidifier and the water hardness in
your area. The harder the water, the greater the
amount of minerals in the water and the more
often you will need to replace the filter. It is
strongly recommended that the filter is replaced
every 2 months, (depending on use), or when
white dust is emitted from the unit.
1. Make sure the unit is turned off and disconnect
from the mains outlet. Remove Water Tank.
2. If replacing, remove the Filter from the base
and dispose of according to local regulations.
3. Remove the protective plastic bag from
the new filter. Soak filter thoroughly by
immersing filter in water for 5 minutes. Install
the filter into the base.
4. Fill the water tank with clean, cool tap water
and replace it in the base. Wait 15 minutes
for water to pass through the filter before
turning on the unit. The 15 minute wait is
necessary to ensure that the filter is properly
saturated and the water is at its optimal level
for best performance.
Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction
Humidifiers provide comfort by adding moisture
to dry, heated indoor air. To get the most benefit
from the humidifier and to avoid product misuse,
follow all instructions carefully, specifically the
operation, care and maintenance guidelines.
Please note this is an electrical appliance and
requires attention when in use.
Cleaning your humidifier every one or two weeks,
depending on the water conditions is important
in order to maintain efficient, healthy, odour-free
operation. Water quality varies widely and,
combined with build-up of mineral scale in your
humidifier, may under certain conditions promote
the growth of micro-organisms in the water tank.
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