Blomberg TKF 7451 A 30 Bedienungsanleitung

Blomberg TKF 7451 A 30

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TKF 7451 A 30
Englisch, Finnisch
break off during drying.
Never attempt to repair the product
yourself. Do not perform any
repair or replacement procedures
on the product even if you know
or have the ability to perform the
required procedure unless it is
clearly suggested in the operating
instructions or the published service
manual. Otherwise, you will be
putting your life and others' lives in
For failures that you cannot remedy
by applying the procedures in safety
instructions, turn off and unplug
the product and call the Authorized
Service Agent.
Do not reach into the machine when
the drum is spinning.
Do not use extension cords, multi-
plugs or adaptors to connect the
dryer to power supply in order to
decrease the risk of fire and electric
Never wash the product by spreading
or pouring water onto it! There is the
risk of electric shock!
The final step of the drying
programme, namely the cool-down
step is performed without applying
heat to ensure that the laundry items
are kept at a temperature that will
not damage them. If you open the
loading door before the cool-down
step completes, hot vapour will come
Never stop the dryer before the
programme completes. If you must
do this, remove all laundry quickly
and lay them out to a suitable place
to dissipate the heat.
Always clean the lint filter before or
after each loading. Never operate the
dryer without the lint filter installed.
Clean inside and exhaust duct of the
product regularly. Do not allow fibre,
dust and dirt accumulation around
the exhaust exit and at adjacent
Power cable plug must be within easy
reach after installation.
Do not dry unwashed items in the
Items soiled with cooking oils,
acetone, alcohol, fuel oil, kerosene,
stain removers, turpentine, paraffin
and paraffin removers must be
washed in hot water with plenty of
detergent before being dried in the
Garments or pillows bolstered with
rubber foam (latex foam), shower
bonnets, water resistant textiles,
materials with rubber reinforcement
and rubber foam pads should not be
dried in the dryer.
Do not use fabric softeners and
anti-static products unless they are
recommended by the manufacturers
of the relevant product.
Use softeners, anti-static products
and etc. in accordance with the
instructions of their manufacturers.
Do not install the product behind a
door with a lock, sliding door or a
hinged door which can strike the
Do not install or leave the dryer in
places where it will be exposed to
outdoor conditions.
Your product can be operated at
temperatures between +5°C and
+35°C. If the operating conditions fall
outside of this range, operation of the
product will be adversely affected and
it can get damaged.
Do not tamper with the controls.
Unplug the product when it is not in
Remove the loading door of

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