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Before using this unit, carefully read “USING THE UNIT SAFELY” and “IMPORTANT NOTES” (leaet the “USING THE UNIT SAFELY” and Owners Manual (p. 20)).
After reading, keep the document(s) where it will be available for immediate reference.
* The RC-202 contains demo data (bank 8). If you erase this
demo data, it cannot be recovered. Before you proceed,
you should back it up as described in “Backing up to your
computer” (p. 15).
* The power to this unit will be turned o automatically
after a predetermined amount of time has passed since it
was last used for playing music, or its buttons or controls
were operated (Auto O function).
If you do not want the power to be turned o automatically,
disengage the Auto O function (p. 7).
5 Any settings that you are in the process of editing will be lost
when the power is turned o. If you have any settings that you
want to keep, you should save them beforehand.
5 To restore power, turn the power on again (p. 7).

Main Features

The RC-202 is a live performance tool that lets you record your vocal or guitar performance and then play it back instantly. You
can maximize your live performance potential by layering sounds in real time.
5 Input FX are provided for recording, letting you use eects such as pitch shifter or Lo-Fi to make your phrase loops even more
5 Track FX are provided for the playback tracks, letting you enhance and develop your live performances by applying eects
that simulate changing the rotational speed of a turntable or the stuttering” created by repeated notes on a sampler.
5 You can combine your realtime recording with a loop phrase that you recorded beforehand. WAVE les from your computer
can also be loaded as loop phrases.
Owner’s Manual (this document)
Read this rst. It explains the basic things you need to know in order
to use the RC-202.
PDF Manual (download from the Web)
5 Parameter Guide (English)
This explains the parameters of the RC-202, and lists the built-in
rhythm patterns.
To obtain the PDF manual

1. Enter the following URL in your


2. Choose “RC-202” as the product name.

Owner’s Manual

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RC-202 | RC-202
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Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Anzahl Soundeffekte-
GeräuschkulisseAmbience, Chorus, Compression, Delay, Echo, Flanger/Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Looper, Phaser, Reverberation, Robotic voice effects, Synthesizer
Anzahl Verzögerungseffekte3
Bit-Rate16 Bit
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
6,35 mm (1/4-Zoll) Eingang1
6,35 mm (1/4-Zoll) Ausgang1
Anzahl USB 2.0 Anschlüsse1
Gleichstrom-Anschluss (DC)Ja
Eingebautes DisplayJa
Einfach zum Lesen-BildschirmJa
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite239 mm
Tiefe175 mm
Höhe55 mm
Gewicht950 g
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