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BedienungsanleitungBremshey Orbit Ambition
O W N E R ' S M A N U A L
A M b i t i O N

maintenance instructions described in

this manual.

The equipment must not be used by

persons weighing over 135 kg.

Make sure the equipment is unplugged

before carrying out any assembly or

maintenance procedures.

Do not attempt any servicing or

adjustments other than those described

in this guide. Everything else must

be left to someone familiar with the

maintenance of electromechanical

equipment and authorized under the

laws of the country in question to carry

out maintenance and repair work.




Start by unpacking the equipment. The
detailed assembly instructions can be
found at the back of this guide. Follow the
instructions in given order.
Before assembly, check the contents of the
package. If a part is missing, please contact
your dealer with the model, equipment serial
no. and spare part no. of the missing part.
You’ll find a spare part list at the back of this
guide. The hardware kit contents are marked
with * in the spare parts list. The directions
left, right, front and back are defined as
seen from the exercising position. Keep the
assembly tools, as you may need them e.g.
for adjusting the equipment. Note that two
people are needed for the assembly.
The packaging includes a silicate bag for
absorbing moisture during storage and
transportation. Please dispose of the bag
once you have unpacked the equipment.
Allow at least 100 cm of clearance around
the equipment. We also recommend opening
the package and assembling the product on
a protective base.
After assembling the equipment, insert the
batteries on the backside of the console.
Your choice shows that you really want to invest in
your well being and condition; it also shows you
really value high quality and style. With Bremshey
Sport Fitness Equipment, youve chosen a high
quality, safe and motivating product as your training
partner. Whatever your goal in training, we are
certain this is the training equipment to get you
there. You’ll find information about using your
exercise equipment and what makes for efficient
training at Bremshey Sports website at
Working out using an elliptical trainer is excellent
aerobic exercise, the principle being that the
exercise should be suitably light, but of long
duration. Aerobic exercise is based on improving
the body ‘s maximum oxygen uptake, which in turn
improves endurance and fi tness. The ability of the
body to burn fat as a fuel is directly dependent on
its oxygen-uptake capacity. Aerobic exercise should
above all be pleasant. You should perspire, but you
should not get out of breath during the workout.
You must, for example, be able to speak and not just
pant while pedaling.
You should exercise at least three times a week,
30 minutes at a time, to reach a basic fi tness level.
Maintaining this level requires a few exercise
sessions each week. Once the basic condition
has been reached, it is easily improved simply by
increasing the number of exercise sessions. Exercise
is always rewarding for weight loss, because it is
the only way of increasing the energy spent by the
body. This is why it is always worthwhile to combine
regular exercise with a healthy diet. A dieter should
exercise daily, at fi rst 30 minutes or less at a time,
gradually increasing the daily workout time to one
You should start slowly at a low pedaling speed
and low resistance, because for an overweight
person strenuous exercise may subject the heart
and circulatory system to excessive strain. As
fitness improves, resistance and pedaling speed
can be increased gradually. Exercise efficiency can
be measured by monitoring the pulse. The pulse
meter helps you monitor your pulse easily during
exercise, and thus to ensure that the exercise is
sufficiently effective but not over-strenuous. Start
your workout with slow tempo and low resistance.
Gradually increase tempo and resistance according
to your own condition. Keep your head up and neck
long in order to avoid stress on your neck, shoulders
and back. Keep also your back straight. Make sure
that your feet are centered on the foot pedals and
that your hips, knees, ankles and toes are facing
forward. Keep your body weight centered over your
lower body regardless of whether you lean forward
or stand upright. Stop your workout by gradually
decreasing tempo and resistance.

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Wie viel sollte ich als Erwachsener pro Woche trainieren?

Als Erwachsener wird empfohlen, mindestens 2,5 Stunden pro Woche mit mäßiger Intensität zu trainieren. Vorzugsweise über mehrere Tage verteilt.

Was ist die maximale Herzfrequenz eines Erwachsenen?

Als Faustregel für Ihre maximale Herzfrequenz können Sie 220 minus Ihr Alter verwenden.

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