Brother P-touch 1090

Brother P-touch 1090 Bedienungsanleitung

  • 1090
    User’s Guide
    Printed in China
    With the PT-1090 you can create labels for
    any application. Select from the many
    frames, character sizes and styles to design
    custom labels. In addition, the variety of tape
    cartridges allows you to print labels with
    different widths and colours.
    Read this guide carefully before starting and
    keep the guide in a handy place for future
    The contents of this guide and the
    specifications of this product are subject to
    change without notice.
    Declaration of Conformity
    (Europe/Turkey only)
    15-1, Naeshiro-cho, Mizuho-ku,
    Nagoya, 467-8561, Japan
    declare that this product is in compliance with the essential
    requirements and other relevant provisions of Directives
    2004/108/EC and 2005/32/EC.
    The Adapter AD-24ES is in compliance with the essential
    requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive
    The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is on our Web site. Please
    go to -> choose region
    (eg. Europe) -> choose country -> choose your model ->
    choose “Manuals”-> choose Declaration of Conformity
    (*Select Language when required).
    Follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of
    fire, burn, injury, electric shock, damage,
    overheating, abnormal odours or smoking.
    Always use the specified voltage and the suggested
    AC adapter (AD-24ES) to prevent any damage or
    Unplug the adapter cord immediately and stop using
    the P-touch labeller during an electric storm.
    Do not use the P-touch labeller/adapter in places of high
    humidity such as bathrooms. Do not get the P-touch
    labeller/adapter/power plug wet such as by handling
    them with wet hands or spilling beverages onto it.
    Do not overload the adapter cord. Do not forcibly bend
    or pull the adapter cord. Do not damage or place heavy
    objects on the adapter cord or plug.
    Hold the plug when disconnecting the adapter cord
    from the power outlet. Do not use an outlet that is loose.
    Do not swallow the cutter stopper.
    Do not disassemble or modify the P-touch labeller/
    adapter/batteries. Do not use metallic objects such as
    tweezers or a pen when changing the batteries. Do not
    throw the batteries into fire or expose to heat.
    Disconnect the adapter, remove the batteries and stop
    using the P-touch labeller immediately if you notice
    abnormal odour, heat, discoloration, deformation or
    anything unusual while using or storing it.
    Follow these guidelines to avoid personal
    injury, battery leakage, burn and heat
    Do not touch the edge of the cutter or any metal part
    near the print head.
    Remove the batteries and disconnect the adapter if you
    do not intend to use the P-touch labeller for an
    extended period of time.
    Do not use old and new batteries together or mix
    alkaline batteries with other types.
    Do not drop or hit the P-touch labeller/adapter. Do not
    press hard on the LCD display.
    Do not put your finger between the covers when you
    close the cassette cover.
    Depending on the location, material, and
    environmental conditions, the label may unpeel or
    become irremovable, the colour of the label may
    change or be transferred to other objects. Before
    applying the label, check the environmental condition
    and the material.
    Do not use the labeller in any way or for any purpose
    not described in this guide. Doing so may result in
    accidents or damage to the machine.
    Only use a soft, dry cloth to clean the labeller; never
    use alcohol or other organic solvents.
    Use a cotton swab to clean the print head; never touch
    the print head.
    Do not put any foreign objects into the tape exit slot or
    adapter etc.
    Do not place the labeller/batteries/AC adapter in direct
    sunlight or rain, near heaters or other hot appliances, in
    any location exposed to extremely high or low
    temperatures (e.g. on the dashboard or in the back of
    your car), high humidity, or dusty locations.
    Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.
    Do not try to print if the cassette is empty; it will damage
    the print head.
    Do not pull the tape while printing or feeding; it will
    damage the tape and the labeller.
    Any data stored in memory will be lost due to failure or
    repair of the labeller, or if the battery expires and no
    adapter is connected.
    Error messages Cause / remedy
    BATTERY! The batteries are about to run out. Replace all batteries.
    Invalid! - An invalid number is selected for Label length.
    No Text! - You tried to print a text file when there is no data stored
    in the memory.
    - is pressed when no text is entered.
    You tried to select [Copies], [Preview] or [Cable] when
    no text is entered.
    Line Limit!
    - You tried to enter a third line by pressing .
    Note: Use either 9 mm or 12 mm wide tape when
    printing two lines.
    Cutter Error Tape cutter lever is pressed while the machine is printing.
    Note: Do not push the cutter lever while printing.
    Full! The maximum number of characters (80 Characters for
    regular text, or 50 characters for DECO MODE) have
    already been entered.
    Text Limit!
    - The text length exceeds the selected Label length.
    - The text length exceeds 200 mm when “Label Length
    is set to [Auto] in DECO MODE.
    If the minimum label length 30mm is selected, some frame
    types (Leaf or Star) will not allow you to enter additional text.
    No Frame OK? Frames can not be printed on 3.5 mm tape.
    Select to print with no frame or to cancel.
    OK to Feed? Tape feeds after printing when [Chain Prt] is selected.
    Refer to ‘Set margin (tape margin)’.
    If the print head becomes too hot, the labeller stops printing
    and automatically starts to cool down. The cool down time will
    be displayed. Once the print head is cool, printing will continue
    automatically. Do not touch the labeller while cooling.
    Insert 12 mm!
    Only 12 mm tape cassette is suitable for DECO MODE.
    No Cassette! Insert a cassette
    Problem Possible solution
    The display stays blank after you have
    turned on the machine.
    - Check the batteries are correctly inserted.
    - The batteries could be weak, replace them.
    Check that the optional AD-24ES adapter is correctly connected.
    The power turns off when trying to print - The batteries are weak; replace all batteries.
    - Check that the batteries are inserted correctly.
    When the label is printed out, there is too
    much margin on both sides of the text.
    See ‘Set margin (tape margin)’ in this user's guide and select
    [Half] or [Narrow] to have smaller margins for your label.
    The machine has “locked up” (i.e., nothing
    happens when a key is pressed, even
    though the machine is on).
    All text and format settings need to be
    cleared to create a new label
    Press and select [Txt&Format].
    The machine does not print or printing is
    - Check that the tape cassette is inserted correctly.
    - If the tape cassette is empty, replace it.
    - Check that the cassette cover is properly closed.
    The settings and texts have cleared on
    their own.
    - The batteries may be weak; replace them.
    - When power is disconnected for more than two
    minutes, all texts, settings and any text files stored in
    the memory will be cleared.
    The tape does not feed properly or gets
    stuck inside the labeller
    - Check that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guide.
    - The cutter lever is pressed while printing. Do not touch
    the cutter lever during printing.
    To change the language setting Refer to ‘INITIAL SETTINGS’.
    A blank horizontal line appears through
    the printed label.
    - There may be some dust on the print head. Remove the
    tape cassette and use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe
    the print head with an up-and-down motion.
    - The print head can be cleaned more easily if the
    optional print head cleaning cassette (TZ-CL3) is used.
    A: Cassette cover
    B: Tape cutter lever
    Open the cassette cover by pressing the above
    indicated area at the top end of the machine.
    A: Cutter blade
    B: Cutter stopper
    C: Print head
    Insert six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03).
    Make sure the + and – of the batteries are
    positioned correctly.
    Note: Only use new batteries.
    A: Too t h e d w he e l
    Make sure that the end of the tape feeds under
    the tape guide.
    If the ink ribbon in the cassette is loose, use your
    finger to turn the toothed wheel in the direction of
    the arrow on the cassette until there is no slack.
    A: Tape exit slot
    Insert a tape cassette.
    Make sure that the cassette snaps into place.
    Close the cassette cover.
    After you have installed the tape, feed the tape
    (see “Feed (tape feed)”) once and then push in
    the tape cutter lever to cut the tape.
    Note: Use only Brother TZ tapes with this
    Reset the P-touch labeller if you want to
    initialize the settings or in case the labeller
    does not work properly.
    Turn off the labeller.
    Hold down and .
    While holding and , press once
    to turn ON the labeller.
    Release and .
    Note: The internal memory is reset, and all
    text, settings and stored files are
    If the cutter blade becomes blunt after repetitive
    use and the tape cannot be cut cleanly, replace
    with a new cutter unit (stock no.TC-5) obtained
    from an authorized Brother reseller.
    Tape cassettes See the included tape
    AC adapter AD-24ES
    Cutter unit TC-5 (replacement)
    Cleaning cassette TZ-CL3
    Do not touch the cutter blade directly with your fingers.
    Do not swallow the cutter stopper.
    (W × D × H)
    107.9 × 209.4 × 57.6 mm
    Weight Approx. 315g
    Power supply Six AAA alkaline batteries (LR03)
    Optional AC
    Model AD-24ES
    Tape cassette Brother TZ tape (width)
    3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm
Brother P-touch 1090

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Brother P-touch 1090-Spezifikationen

Marke Brother
Model P-touch 1090
Produkte Etikettendrucker
EAN 4977766674225
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Maximale Auflösung 180 x 180
Vertikaler Druck
Druckgeschwindigkeit (metrisch) 10mm/sek
Drucktechnologie Wärmeübertragung
Tastaturaufbau ABC
Anzeige LCD
Produktfarbe Black, Grey
Sonstige Funktionen
Speicherkapazität 80
Band-Größe 3.5
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 108
Tiefe 209
Höhe 58
Gewicht 315
Anzahl unterstützter Batterien 6
Akku-/Batterietyp AAA
Automatische Abschaltung
Bandtyp TZ
Anzahl Stilen 8
Feste Länge einstelbar
Bandabschnitt Manuell
Zahl der Drucklinien (max) 2

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