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BedienungsanleitungCAD Audio U37
Polar Pattern & Frequency Response
USB cable:
Ø3.8x1.2M USB 2.0
USB A Type to
Mini B type plug
Tripod Stand
Thank you for purchasing the CAD Audio
u37 USB microphone.
CADusb products bring high quality audio to your
social media, gaming or home studio projects
Creative control and limitless innovation await
your beckon call as the result of CAD’s more than
80 years of professional audio expertise.
Explore our CADusb series of products to
unlock your creative edge and experience
expression thru innovation.
Studio Vocals, Speech, Instruments, Podcasts,
Desktop Recording
Please read the manual carefully before
using and keep it for further reference.
a.LED illuminates blue to
indicate power “ON
b. Flashes to indicate
in recording mode
USB port
The CAD u37 is compatible with most software.
Simply choose a software product that suits
your application and enjoy the benefits that the
CAD u37 provides.
1. Connect the u37 to your device with the supplied
USB cable, connection is complete when the blue
LED is lit.


CAD u37



1. Hold the tripod stand upside down and fold out the legs

of the stand until they snap in place.

2. Attach the swivel mount to the tripod and then attach the

microphone to the swivel mount with the mounting nut.

For Returns or Service visit and click the Support tab.

CAD Audio

6573 Cochran Rd

Solon, Ohio 44139

Part # 47811-14-00 04-24-15 C.W.H.
Swivel mount

Tripod Stand

2. Adjust your operating system and software settings
for proper recording and playback:
Select C-Media as the recording device.
Select your default sound playback device.
(Note, mic is plug and play, no additional
drivers are need)
a. Low cut filter switch:
= flat response
= reduces low frequency response, use
this to reduce pick up of low frequency noises
by the microphone

Mounting nut

Swivel mount

Specs: u37

Operating Principle Condenser Studio Capsule
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Polar Pattern Super Cardioid
Sensitivity -40dBV @ 1Pa
Encoding 16 bit resolution, 48K sampling rate
PAD -10dB
Roll Off Reduce Proximity Effect
Windows and Macintosh compatible
Pad switch 0, -10 dB
a. 0 = normal sensitivity
b. switch to -10 to decrease
sensitivity for loud signals.
Status LED
Large condenser microphone element for
warm, rich recordings
Cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background
noise and isolates the main sound source
Smooth, extended frequency response is excellent
for singing, speech and instruments
-10dB overload-protection switch minimizes
distortion from loud sound sources
Bass-reduction switch reduces room noise
Side-address design used by broadcast, TV and
recording studios
Ten-foot USB cable for flexible mic placement
Desktop mic stand included

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