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Operation Guide 2888


About This Manual

Button operations are indicated using the letters shown
in the illustration. Keypad keys are indicated by their
main keycap markings within square brackets in bold,
such as [2].
Each section of this manual provides you with the
information you need to perform operations in each
mode. Further details and technical information can be
found in the “Reference” section.

General Guide

Press B to change from mode to mode.
In any mode, press L to illuminate the display.
Alarm Mode
Timekeeping Mode
Calculator Mode
Press B.
Data Bank Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Dual Time Mode


Use the Timekeeping Mode to set the time and date. You
can also view the Dual Time Mode screen or Data Bank
Mode screen from the Timekeeping Mode.
This watch is capable of displaying text for the day of the
week in any one of 13 different languages (English,
Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German,
Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, and
To set the time and date
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the
seconds digits start to flash. This is the setting screen.
2. Use C and B to move the flashing in the sequence
shown below to select other settings.
Year MonthDay
Day of week
Language indicator
PM indicator
Hour : Minutes
The currently selected language indicator flashes on the display while the
Language setting is selected in the above sequence.
3. When the setting you want to change is flashing, use the keypad to change it as
described below.
You must input two digits for the hour, minutes, year, month, and day settings. If
you want to specify 3 oclock, for example, input 03 for the hour. For the year
setting, input the two rightmost digits.

Seconds Year Month Day

Minutes Hour Language

Press C. Press B.
To do this:
Reset the seconds to 00
Change the year, month,
day, hour, or minutes
Change the language
Do this:
Press [0].
Input values on the keypad keys.
The flashing moves to the right each time you
input a value.
While the hour or minutes is flashing (12-hour
timekeeping only), press [=PM] to toggle between
AM (A indicator) and PM (P indicator).
Use [+] and [÷].
While the language indicator is flashing on the display, use [+] and [÷] to cycle
through the language indicators as shown below until the one for the language
you want to select is displayed.
Indicator Language
ENx English
POR Portuguese
ESP Spanish
FRA French
NED Dutch
Indicator Language
DAN Danish
DEU German
ITA Italian
SVE Swedish
POL Polish
Indicator Language
RO Romanian
T)R Turkish
PUC Russian
4. Press A to exit the setting screen.
The day of the week is automatically displayed in accordance with the date (year,
month, and day) settings.
See the Day of the Week List for information on abbreviations used.
In addition to the day of the week display, the language setting also affects the type
of characters you can input for the name in the Data Bank Mode.
Holding down A in the Timekeeping Mode displays the indicator for the currently
selected language. Keeping A depressed for one second changes to the
Timekeeping Mode setting screen (indicated by the flashing seconds digits). If you
accidentally display the setting screen, press A again to exit.
To toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour timekeeping
In the Timekeeping Mode, press C to toggle between 12-hour timekeeping (indicated
by A or P on the display), or 24-hour timekeeping.
With the 12-hour format, the P (PM) indicator appears on the display for times in the
range of noon to 11:59 p.m. and the A (AM) indicator appears for times in the range
of midnight to 11:59 a.m.
With the 24-hour format, times are displayed in the range of 0:00 to 23:59, without
any indicator.
The 12-hour/24-hour timekeeping format you select in the Timekeeping Mode is
applied in all modes.
Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Daylight Saving Time (summer time) advances the time setting by one hour from
Standard Time. Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight
Saving Time.
To toggle the Timekeeping Mode time between DST and Standard Time
Holding down C for about two seconds in the
Timekeeping Mode toggles between Daylight Saving Time
(DST displayed) and Standard Time (DST not displayed).
Note that pressing C in the Timekeeping Mode also
toggles between 12-hour timekeeping and 24-hour
The DST indicator appears on the Timekeeping and
Alarm Mode displays to indicate that Daylight Saving
Time is turned on.
To display the Dual Time screen and Data Bank screen in the Timekeeping Mode
Holding down [÷] in the Timekeeping Mode displays the Dual Time screen. Holding
down [+] displays the record you were viewing when you last used the Data Bank
Hold down [÷] Hold down [+]
Dual Time Screen Data Bank Screen

Data Bank

The Data Bank Mode lets you store up to 25 records,
each containing name and telephone number data.
Records are automatically sorted based on the characters
of the name. You can recall records by scrolling through
them on the display.
The characters you can input for the name depend on the
language you select in the Timekeeping Mode. See To
set the time and date for more information. Changing the
language setting does not affect names that are already
All of the operations in this section are performed in the
Data Bank Mode, which you enter by pressing B.
Holding down [=PM] in the Data Bank Mode displays
the number of remaining records.
Remaining number
of records
Telephone number
Creating a New Data Bank record
When creating a new Data Bank record, you can input the name and then the
telephone number, or you can input the telephone number and then the name. Being
able to input the phone number first helps to avoid forgetting a number as you input
the name.


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Marke Casio
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Produkte Armbanduhr
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Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Technische Details
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Rechner Ja
Kalender Ja
Uhrmodus 12 h / 24 h
Zeitzonen Ja
Anzahl der Zeitzonen 2
Stoppuhr Ja
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Stoßfest -
Gehäusefarbe Schwarz
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Bandmaterial -
Hauptfarbe Band Schwarz
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