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BedienungsanleitungCasio Pro Trek PRG-240-1ER

Operation Guide 3173 3246

Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch.
The built-in sensors of this watch measure direction, barometric pressure, temperature and altitude.
Measured values are then shown on the display. Such features make this watch useful when hiking,
mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities.
Warning !
The measurement functions built into this watch are not intended for taking measurements that
require professional or industrial precision. Values produced by this watch should be considered
as reasonable representations only.
When engaging in mountain climbing or other activities in which losing your way can create a
dangerous or life-threatening situation, always use a second compass to confi rm direction
Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss
suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this product or its malfunction.

About This Manual

The operational procedures for Modules 3173 and 3246 are identical. All of the illustrations in this
manual show Module 3173.
Depending on the model of your watch, display text appears either as dark fi gures on a light
background, or light fi gures on a dark background. All sample displays in this manual are shown using
dark fi gures on a light background.
Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration.
Note that the product illustrations in this manual are intended for reference only, and so the actual
product may appear somewhat different than depicted by an illustration.

Things to check before using the watch

1. Check the battery power level.
Is “
” or “
” displayed for the battery power indicator?
Go to step 2.
Power is low.
Charge the watch by placing it in a location
where it is exposed to light. For details, see “Charging the
Does any one of the following conditions exist?
Battery power indicator shows “
” and “
” is displayed in the
upper left corner of the screen.
” is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.
The face is blank.
The watch is charged
For details about
charging, see
“Charging the Watch”.
Battery power
2. Check the Home City and the daylight saving time (DST) setting.
Use the procedure under “To confi gure Home City settings” to confi gure your Home City and daylight
saving time settings.
World Time Mode and Sunrise/Sunset Mode data depend on correct Home City, time, and date settings
in the Timekeeping Mode. Make sure you confi gure these settings correctly.
3. Set the current time.
See “Confi guring Current Time and Date Settings”.
The watch is now ready for use.

Charging the Watch

The face of the watch is a solar cell that generates power from light. The generated power charges a
built-in rechargeable battery, which powers watch operations. The watch charges whenever it is exposed
to light.
Charging Guide
Whenever you are not wearing the
watch, leave it in a location where it
is exposed to light.
Best charging performance is
achieved by exposing the watch to
the strongest light available.
When wearing the watch, make sure
that its face is not blocked from light
by the sleeve of your clothing.
The watch may enter a sleep state
if its face is blocked by your sleeve
even only partially.
Leaving the watch in bright light for charging can cause it to become quite hot.
Take care when handling the watch to avoid burn injury. The watch can become particularly hot
when exposed to the following conditions for long periods.
On the dashboard of a car parked in direct sunlight
Too close to an incandescent lamp
Under direct sunlight
Allowing the watch to become very hot can cause its liquid crystal display to black out. The
appearance of the LCD should become normal again when the watch returns to a lower temperature.
Turn on the watch’s Power Saving function and keep it in an area normally exposed to bright light when
storing it for long periods. This helps to ensure that power does not run down.
Storing the watch for long periods in an area where there is no light or wearing it in such a way that it is
blocked from exposure to light can cause power to run down. Expose the watch to bright light
whenever possible.
Module 3173
Module 3246
Module 3173
Module 3246
Power Levels
You can get an idea of the watch’s power level by observing the battery power indicator on the display.
Level Battery Power Indicator Function Status
All functions enabled.
All functions enabled.
Illumination, beeper, and sensor operation
Except for timekeeping and the
indicator, all functions and display
indicators disabled.
5 All functions disabled.
The fl ashing
indicator at Level 3 (
) tells you that battery power is very low, and that exposure to
bright light for charging is required as soon as possible.
At Level 5, all functions are disabled and settings return to their initial factory defaults. Once the battery
reaches Level 2 (
) after falling to Level 5, reconfi gure the current time, date, and other settings.
Display indicators reappear as soon as the battery is charged from Level 5 to Level 2 (
Leaving the watch exposed to direct sunlight or some other very strong light source can cause the
battery power indicator to show a reading temporarily that is higher than the actual battery level. The
correct battery level should be indicated after a few minutes.
All data stored in memory is deleted, and the current time and all other settings return to their initial
factory defaults whenever battery power drops to Level 5 and when you have the battery replaced.
Power Recovery Mode
Performing multiple sensor, illumination, or beeper operations during a short period may cause all of
the battery power indicators (
, and
) to start fl ashing on the display. This indicates that the watch
is in the power recovery mode. Illumination, alarm, countdown timer alarm, hourly time signal, and
sensor operations will be disabled until battery power recovers.
Battery power will recover in about 15 minutes. At this time, the battery power indicators (
) will
stop fl ashing. This indicates that the functions listed above are enabled again.
If all of the battery power indicators (
) are fl ashing and the
(charge) indicator also is fl ashing,
it means the battery level is very low. Expose the watch to bright light as soon as possible.
Even if battery power is at Level 1 (
) or Level 2 (
), the Digital Compass Mode, Barometer/
Thermometer Mode, or Altimeter Mode sensor may be disabled if there is not enough voltage available
to power it suffi ciently. This is indicated when all of the battery power indicators (
) are fl ashing.
Frequent fl ashing of all of the battery power indicators (
) probably means that remaining battery
power is low. Leave the watch in bright light to allow it to charge.
Charging Times
Exposure Level (Brightness)
Level Change *2
Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Outdoor sunlight (50,000 lux) 5 min. 2 hours 12 hours 4 hours
Sunlight through a window (10,000 lux)
24 min. 5 hours 59 hours 16 hours
Daylight through a window on a
cloudy day (5,000 lux)
48 min. 9 hours 120 hours 32 hours
Indoor fl uorescent lighting (500 lux) 8 hours 95 hours – – – – – –
*1 Approximate amount of exposure time required each day to generate enough power for normal daily
*2 Approximate amount of exposure time (in hours) required to take power from one level to the next.
The above exposure times all are for reference only. Actual exposure times depend on lighting
For details about the operating time and daily operating conditions, see the “Power Supply” section of
the Specifi cations.
Power Saving
When turned on, Power Saving enters a sleep state automatically whenever the watch is left for a certain
period in an area where it is dark. The table below shows how watch functions are affected by Power
There actually are two sleep state levels: “display sleep” and “function sleep”.
Elapsed Time in Dark Display Operation
60 to 70 minutes (display sleep) Blank, with
ashing Display is off, but all functions are enabled.
6 or 7 days (function sleep) Blank, with
not fl ashing
All functions are disabled, but timekeeping is
The watch will not enter a sleep state between 6:00 AM and 9:59 PM. If the watch is already in a sleep
state when 6:00 AM arrives, however, it will remain in the sleep state.
The watch will not enter a sleep state while it is in the Stopwatch Mode or Countdown Timer Mode.
To recover from the sleep state
Move the watch to a well-lit area, press any button, or angle the watch towards your face for reading.
To turn Power Saving on and off
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down
until the currently selected
city code starts to fl ash. This is the city code setting screen.
Before the city code starts to fl ash, the message SET Hold
will appear on the display. Keep
depressed until SET Hold
disappears and the city code starts to fl ash.
2. Use
to display the Power Saving On/Off screen shown nearby.
3. Press
to toggle Power Saving on (
) and off (
4. Press
twice to exit the setting screen.
The Power Saving on indicator (PS) is on the display in all modes
while Power Saving is turned on.
Battery power
Battery power
Power saving
on indicator
Power saving
on indicator

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Die Casio Pro Trek PRG-240-1ER ist eine vielseitige Outdoor-Uhr mit zahlreichen Funktionen. Sie verfügt über eine solide Konstruktion, die Langlebigkeit und Strapazierfähigkeit garantiert. Das Gehäuse der Uhr ist aus hochwertigem Kunststoff gefertigt und bietet einen zuverlässigen Schutz vor Beschädigungen. Die Funktionen der PRG-240-1ER umfassen unter anderem einen barometrischen Höhenmesser, einen digitalen Kompass und ein Thermometer. Diese Features ermöglichen es dem Träger, Höhenänderungen, Richtungen und Temperaturänderungen genau zu überwachen. Darüber hinaus verfügt die Uhr auch über eine Solarbetriebene Batterie, die für eine langanhaltende Energieversorgung sorgt. Das Display der Uhr ist gut ablesbar und mit einer Hintergrundbeleuchtung ausgestattet, was das Ablesen der Informationen auch bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen ermöglicht. Die Uhr ist zudem wasserdicht bis zu einer Tiefe von 100 Metern und eignet sich somit auch für den Einsatz beim Tauchen oder Schwimmen. Die Casio Pro Trek PRG-240-1ER ist außerdem mit einem robusten Armband ausgestattet, das für einen sicheren und bequemen Sitz am Handgelenk sorgt. Die Uhr bietet außerdem eine Vielzahl an nützlichen Funktionen wie eine Weltzeitfunktion, Alarme und Stoppuhr. Insgesamt ist die Casio Pro Trek PRG-240-1ER eine zuverlässige und praktische Outdoor-Uhr, die für Menschen geeignet ist, die gerne aktiv im Freien unterwegs sind.

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