Cavalry CAU3G

Cavalry CAU3G Bedienungsanleitung

  • Quick Start Guide
    My Computer is not detecting the drive.
    *Always check your disk management utility rst; instead of device manager.
    1. Make sure the data cable is securely connected at both ends. If you are still
    not able to nd the drive in your disk management utility, switch to a
    dierent known-working cable.
    2. Some Cavalry drives are preformatted for either Windows or Mac. If you
    are running an operating system that your unit is not precongured for, you
    will need to reformat your drive. For detailed instructions on how to
    reformat, visit our website:
    3. If you have multiple external hard drives, your computer may not be able
    to see your newest addition. Eject and/or power-o all connected external
    drives except your Cavalry unit. Then, if you’re using Windows, try assigning
    a new drive letter to your Cavalry unit using Disk Management.
    My unit is making loud noises. Is this normal?
    In most cases, loud or clicking noises coming from the drive suggest that it is
    defective. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at: so that we can resolve the issue.
    Do I need to backup my Cavalry drive too?
    Always backup your data on multiple drives . Hard drives are very sensitive,
    and sometimes fail without warning. Cavalry Storage is not responsible for
    any data loss.
    I keep getting the “Device Can Perform Faster” message.
    This means that your computer does not support USB 3.0. You will need to
    purchase an adapter card that allows you to use the USB 3.0 protocol. Our
    authorized parts retailer sells an excellent card for just this purpose; please
    contact us at for more information.
    How do I create a drive that can be used on both Mac and Windows?
    You need to format a drive specically with the FAT32 le system. This can
    most easily be done on a Mac, in Disk Utility. Just select the drive you want
    to use. Then select “Erase>MS Dos (Fat)> Erase… Once created, this disk will
    be usable by both operating systems!
    Why do I need both USB cables?
    Most single USB ports do not produce enough current to power the CAUG-3.
    By using the included Y cable, we can power the CAUG-3 entirely by USB
    port alone, with no bulky power supply to lug around!
    Contact Us
    Call: 800.238.4453 (toll-free, USA only)
    1. LED-Indicator
    2. Mini-USB 3.0 port
    3. USB 3.0 Y-cable
    1. Turn on your computer.
    3. Once properly connected, your computer will detect the new drive. Your CAUH should now be ready to
    use. Mac users may have to re-partition within Disk Utility.
    2. Connect the drive to the computer using both ends of the USB Y-cable.
    (Optional) If you do not have two free ports, and your computer is able to supply enough power, try using the
    drive with only one USB connector.
    Note: most computers’ USB ports provide sucient power to power the drive. In some cases, an
    AC adapter may be required (not included).
Cavalry CAU3G

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Cavalry CAU3G-Spezifikationen

Marke Cavalry
Model CAU3G
Produkte Externe Festplatte
EAN 94922822895
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
HDD Kapazität 500GB
HDD Geschwindigkeit -
HDD Größe 2.5
Puffergröße Speicherlaufwerk -MB
Typ Festplatte
Sonstige Funktionen
Anzahl der USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)Anschlüsse 1
Produktfarbe Schwarz
Unterstützt Windows-Betriebssysteme
Unterstützt Mac-Betriebssysteme
Unterstützte Linux-Betriebssysteme
Bus-betrieben USB
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Eingebauter Ethernet-Anschluss
Integrierter Kartenleser
USB-Anschlusstyp USB Typ-A
USB-Version 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht 91
Breite 83
Tiefe 133
Höhe 19
Mitgelieferte Kabel USB

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Externe Festplatte Cavalry

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