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BedienungsanleitungCelly CyberPad
Read this user manual and in
particular the safety notes,
before using the product.
Keep the user manual for
future reference and include it when
passing the product on to third parties.
Esprinet S.p.A. will not in any way be held
responsible for injury or damage caused to
persons or property arising from misuse of
the product.
Safety notes
Do not use the product if it is damaged.
Never touch the product with wet or damp
Only use the product indoors. Do not use
in damp rooms or in the rain.
Never insert metallic objects such as keys
or paper clips into the openings of the
To prevent malfunction or damage to the
product, avoid accidental falls, do not
crush, puncture or exercise a high level of
pressure on the product.
Keep away from humidity, water or other
liquids. If the product comes into contact
with water, moisture or other liquids, do
not use it to avoid any electrical shock or
Do not store or expose your product to any
source of heat, direct sunlight, radiators,
stoves or other heat sources such as the
dashboard of your car in the summer.
Never operate the product unsupervised.
During operation, the housing may
become hot.
Do not cover the product during use.
Never use the product when moving
from a cold to a warm environment.
Condensation may occur and, in some
cases, damage the product. Allow the
product to reach room temperature before
connecting and using it again. is could
take several hours.
Temperature of use: 0–40 °C.
Do not try to modify, repair or disassemble
the product.
Do not use a damaged product.
Do not under any circumstances use
aggressive cleaning agents, alcohol or
other chemical solutions for cleaning as
they can damage the housing or even
impair the functionality of the product.
Disconnect all connected cables before
you start cleaning. Do not immerse the
product in water or other liquids.
ere are no serviceable parts inside the
product. Never open or disassemble it.
Keep the product out of reach of children.
Never allow children or persons with
disabilities to use electrical products
without supervision.
Make sure that children do not play with
the plastic wrapping. ey may swallow it
when playing and suffocate.
1. e socket must be installed near the
equipment and easily accessible. Keep
out from children’s reach. Do not open or
damage the device. Keep away from water
and from heat.
2. Please check the output of the USB
charger you will use and make sure it’s
safe before connecting it to the product.
Do not use this product with a damaged
adapter or damaged cable.
3.is product shall be used indoors only.
4. is product might be turned on or off
under strong electromagnetic waves.
5. e light source of this product cannot
be replaced, when the light source serves
to its end, the whole product should be
6. Always turn off the LED light when
not in use. While the LED light is on, do
not shine directly on eyes from a short
distance to prevent eye injury
Connect the product to the USB port of a
computer or to a USB charger using the
cable included.
Power on: place the product on a table,
connect it to a power source, press the
button to turn on the product.
Press the power button to cycle between
different colors and light effects.
Press the power button again to turn off
the product.
Disconnect all cables before cleaning.
If necessary, clean the product with a
damp cloth and let it dry completely
before use.
Use a clean brush with soft, long bristles
to remove dust on the connectors.
Do not use any solvents, corrosive or
gaseous cleaning agents.
Make sure no water or other liquids
penetrate the housing.
Input: DC 5V/1A
Size: 328x252x3mm
Weight: 170g
Lightning raed power: 0,2W
Light Source: RGB
Max illuminance: 50Lux
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85 Ra
Color temperature: 2700K-5800K
Led life: 60000H
Temperature of use: 0-40 ° C
Disposal of the product
(Applicable in countries with
separate collection systems of
recyclable materials)
Old products may not be disposed of in the
household waste! Should the product no
longer be capable of being used at some
point in time, dispose of it in accordance
with the regulations in force in your
country. is ensures that old products
are recycled in a professional manner and
also rules out negative consequences for
the environment. For this reason, electrical
equipment is marked with the symbol
shown here.
is product complies with RoHS
e product carries the CE mark
and complies with safety standards
established by the European Union.
e full text of the EU declaration of
conformity is available at the following
internet address: www.celly.com
Celly® is a trademark owned by CELLY
All brands are registered trademarks of
their respective owners.

Esprinet S.p.A., via Energy Park

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Made in China.

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