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Chill Innovation PB-12000 USB Power Bank
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BedienungsanleitungChill Innovation PB-12000 USB Power Bank
How to Charge your Devices:

Chill Dual USB PowerBank

USB Output 1AInput (5V/2A max)PowerIndicator LED


1. Connect the included Micro-USB cable to the `Input´ of the PowerBank.
(Or use other high quality Micro-US B to U SB A Charging cables)
2. Connect the cable to a suited US B Charger or Computer USB port etc.
(It is recommended to use a USB 5V/2A Charger for faster charging!)
3. During the charging process, each LED will flash and turn solid as its corresponding
capacity has been reached. All LEDs will be on when the unit is fully charged!
How to Charge your Chill PowerBank:
Press the `Power´ button shortly (it will auto shut off again after a while):
All LED flashing = less than 5% remaining capacity in the PowerBank - Please recharge it!
1 LED solid = 5-25% remaining capacity - 2 L ED solid= 25-50% remaining capacity
3 LED solid = 50-75% remaining capacity - 4 L ED solid = 75-100% remaining capacity
How to check the capacity:
1. Connect your original U SB charging cable between your Device and a `USB Output´ port in the PowerBank.
(You can charge two devices simultaneously!. Output 2.1A offer higher output suited for Tablet PCs / iPad etc.)
2. The Power Bank will automatically start charging, and the Indicator LEDs start flashing (or else press Power)
3. When charging is completed and/or no current is detected, the PowerBank will automatically shut off after a while.
Charge PowerBank from
Computer USB Port
Charge PowerBank
with U S B charger
(Sold separately)
Charge PowerBank
with U S B Car Charger
(Sold separately)
USB 5V 1A/2A
AC Adapter
USB Output 2.1A
This Chill PowerBank will smartly detect and optimize current based on the device, cable quality and operating conditions.
REME M B ER! - If your device is turned on during charging, there is also up to twice the power consumption!
1. Do not store the PowerBank in a depleted state as the battery cells will be damaged.
2. Charge your Powerbank at least once every 3 months when not in use.
3. Do not clean with harsh chemicals, soaps or detergents.
4. Operating temperature: Charging: 0-45˚C, Discharging: -10-60˚C, Storage: -20-60˚C
Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product. Failure to read and follow these safety
instructions could result in fire, explosion, electrical shock or other hazard causing serious and/or fatal
injury and/or property damage.
1. Do not modify, disassemble, open, drop, crush, puncture or shred this product
2. Do not expose this product to rain or water, damp conditions and corrosive materials.
3. Keep away from open flame and direct exposure to sunlight to prevent heat build-up
4. Keep away from high voltage devices and only use with USB 5V based equipment.
5. This product is not a toy - keep away from children
1. Shortly press the `Power´ button 2 times to toogle the LED torch on/off.
How to use the LED torch:
LED Torch
NOTICE! - Fully discharge and recharge it for the first 2-3 times for optimal calibration!


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Marke Chill Innovation
Model PB-12000 USB Power Bank | PB-12000B
Produkte Power Bank
EAN 4895174850065
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Anzahl simultan anschließbarer Geräte (max) 2
Produktfarbe Schwarz, Silber
Gehäusematerial ABS synthetics,Rubber
Aufladekompatibilität Universal
LED-Anzeigen Ja
Ein-/Ausschalter Ja
Zertifizierung CE, FCC, RoHS
Power Bank und Gerät laden nicht gleichzeitig auf Ja
Eingebaute Taschenlampe Ja
Form Rechteck
Akku-/Batterietechnologie Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Akku-/Batteriekapazität 12000 mAh
Aufladequelle USB
Akku-/Batteriespannung 3.7 V
Batterie Aufladezeit (USB) 7 h
Anzahl der Ladezyklen 500
Ladezeit 7 h
Anzahl Batteriezellen 4
Schnellladung Ja
Eingangsspannung 5 V
Eingangsstrom 2 A
Ausgangsspannung 5 V
Ausgangsstrom 2.1 A
Energieschutzeigenschaften Over current,Overcharge,Short circuit
Automatische Abschaltung Ja
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Anzahl der USB-Anschlüsse 2
Input Anschluss Mikro-USB
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 73 mm
Tiefe 21 mm
Höhe 109 mm
Gewicht 250 g
Kabellänge 0.3 m
Mitgelieferte Kabel Mikro-USB
Tragetasche Ja
Verpackungsinhalt PowerBank\nPU Bag\nMicro-USB cable\nQuick Guide (English / Nordic)
Schnellstartübersicht Ja
Betriebstemperatur -10 - 45 °C
Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit in Betrieb 0 - 85 %
Temperaturbereich bei Lagerung -10 - 45 °C
Nachhaltigkeitszertifikate RoHS
Verpackungsbreite 160 mm
Verpackungstiefe 100 mm
Verpackungshöhe 34 mm
Paketgewicht 325 g
Verpackungsart PU bag
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