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Data Sheet

Cisco Small Business ISA500 Series

Integrated Security Appliances

An All-in-One Internet Access and Security Solution to Safeguard Your

Small Business

The Cisco
Small Business ISA500 Series Integrated Security Appliance is an all-in-one internet access and
security solution that combines highly secure Internet, wireless, site-to-site, and remote access with a breadth of
Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities. These capabilities include firewall, email, and web security, and
application control to provide the peace of mind you need in order to know your small business is protected.
Optimized specifically for small and medium businesses, the ISA500 is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that
can be set up to start protecting your business in minutes. It takes full advantage of Cisco Security Intelligence
Operations (SIO), which provides global threat intelligence to deliver superior threat protection. The combined
power of the ISA500’s comprehensive UTM security capabilities, easy-to-use design, and superior threat
intelligence keeps your organization more secure, and increases both uptime and employee productivity, while
minimizing operational costs and the risk of business disruption.
The Cisco ISA500 Series utilizes a cloud-based approach to email and web security that minimizes management
tasks and can enable responsive, agile protection against new threats. This in-depth inspection helps increase
employee productivity by controlling web access, reducing spam emails, and minimizing phishing attacks,
unauthorized intrusions, and other emerging threats. It also uses the 75 TB of threat telemetry from 1.6M devices
per day from Cisco SIO to provide superior global threat intelligence and protection from sophisticated attacks.
This comprehensive approach to threat protection helps free IT resources up from time-consuming virus
eradication and system cleanup activities.
In addition to the many capabilities already outlined, the Cisco ISA500 provides several other features that can
help optimize business uptime. It offers WAN redundancy that supports failover, load balancing, and policy based
routing (PBR) to keep businesses running when failures occur due to either a failed Internet connection or a failure
within an ISP itself. Also, as part of the Cisco Small Business product portfolio, the Cisco ISA500 Series has been
tested to ensure it works with other Cisco Small Business products and the uptime of the overall solution is
The ISA500 is also designed for today’s dynamic organizations. It can enable mobile employees and business
partners to more securely connect to networks over the Internet using IP Security (IPsec) or Secure Socket Layer
(SSL) VPN services. With a Cisco ISA500 Series solution protecting your network, you can focus on serving
customers and growing your business, instead of worrying about security issues.


Small businesses need a simple, affordable and easy-to-deploy solution that provides Internet access in addition to all
the security they need to ensure that this internet access is used safely and doesn’t disrupt business productivity.
They need a simple, straight forward way of providing the internet access they need and want to provide, but they
don’t want a solution that’s so simplistic that they’re left vulnerable. As they open up their networks and applications to


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Marke Cisco
Model ISA550W-BUN3-K9
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EAN 882658465192, 0882658465192, 8826584651924
Sprache Englisch
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Software-Typ Verständliches Kit
Plattform ISA550W
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