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Head Office: HARMONY TOWER, 1-32-2,




Before using the watch, READ this instruction

manual carefully for safe and correct use. After

reading this manual, keep it properly for your future


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (Please observe at all


In order to prevent injury to yourself or other persons

and damage to property, this manual describes the

instructions that you should strictly follow as follows.

Injuries and damages which might be caused by

using the watch improperly, neglecting any of the

instructions or precautions in this manual are

classified with the following symbols.

Warning Can cause serious injury or death

Caution Can or will cause minor or moderate

injury or damage


1. Quartz oscillation frequency: 32,768Hz (Hz =

number of vibrations per second)

2. Converter: Step motor

3. Additional functions: Calendar quick setting

function (applies to watches equipped with day as

well as day and month calendar functions)

4. IC (integrated circuit): 1C/MOS-LSI

5. Accuracy: refer to model list: (within ±seconds

per month at normal temperature


6. Battery: One silver oxide

7. Battery life duration (life of battery from time of

installation) for your watch, refer to model list,

The model number of the watch you have purchased

is engraved on the back cover of the watch as shown

in the figure below.

The above specifications are subject to change

without prior notification.


1. Setting the Time and Date

(1) Stop the second hand in the “0 seconds” position

by pulling out the crown to

2 then turn crown to

set watch hands to the correct time. In case of a

screw lock-type crown, place in position

2 after

unlocking the screw.

(2) After setting watch to the correct time and

returning crown to the

0 position, the second

hand will be activated and the watch will

commence to keep accurate time.

Due to the mechanical structure of the watch, the

step position of the second hand is not aligned

with the scale on the face. This does not have an

effect on the accuracy, however.


a. To achieve optimal precision when setting the

minute hand, move the minute hand four to five

minutes past and then back to the desired setting.

b. For calendar-equipped watches, do not confuse

AM and PM settings.

c. For watches equipped with locking screw-type

crowns, do not forget to return the crown to the

locked position after setting watch.

2. Setting the calendar

(1) Pull out crown to position


(2) Set date by turning crown to the left.

(3) Set day by turning crown to the right.

*For watches equipped with date display only,

date is set by turning crown to the right.

(4) Return crown to




Avoid performing the calendar quick setting operation

between the below listed times:

For watches equipped with date display...9.00 PM-

1:00 AM

For watches equipped with both date and day

display...9:00 PM-4:30 AM

If the calendar quick setting operation is performed

between these times the calendar could be

incorrectly set to the date of the previous day.

After setting watch hands during these times, set

time, day and date accordingly.

Precautionary items (And Usage Limitations)

Warning Water resistant watch

• Check the chart to determine the water resistant

properties of your watch.

• Non-water resistant watch: can not be used in

locations where they are susceptible to contact with

water droplets.

• 3 bar water resistant watch: can not be used under


• 5 bar water resistant watch: can not be used while


• 10/20 bar water resistant watch: can not be used

while scuba diving or saturated diving.

CAL 1010 1020 1030 1110 3220 4520 461* 4633 464*
Accuracy 20 20 20 20 20 15 20 20 20
Life 353332222
CAL 4713 477* 5421 5431 5500 5510 5530 5920 5930
Accuracy 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Life 323255522
CAL 6010 6020 6031 604* 6115 6790 7630 9620 9630
Accuracy 20 20 20 20 20 20 30 20 20
Life 333333222

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