Clatronic CTV 580 VT Bedienungsanleitung

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The device supplied by our Company is covered by a 24 month guarantee starting
on the date of purchase (receipt).
During the life of the guarantee any fault of the device or its accessories *) ascribable
to material or manufacturing defects will be eliminated free of charge by repairing or,
at our discretion, by replacing it. The guarantee services do not entail an extension
of the life of the guarantee nor do they give rise to any right to a new guarantee!
Proof of the guarantee is provided by the proof of purchase. Without proof of purchase
no free replacement or repair will be carried out.
For repairs or replacement during the life of the guarantee return the device in its
original packing together with the proof of purchase to your dealer.
*) Damage to accessories does not mean automatic free replacement of the whole
machine. In such cases please contact our hotline. Broken glass or breakage of
plastic parts are always subject to a charge.
Defects to consumables or parts subject to wearing (e.g. motor pistons, kneading
blades, drive shafts, spare remote control, spare toothbrushes, saw blades, etc.) as
well cleaning, maintenance or the replacement of said parts are not covered by the
guarantee and hence are to be paid!
The guarantee lapses in case of unauthorized tampering.
After the expiry of the guarantee
After the expiry of the guarantee repairs can be carried by the competent dealer or
repair service against the payment of the ensuing costs.

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