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Industrial Fan Heater 18-2820, 36-5392, 36-5393, 36-5394
Model IFH01-20-UK, IFH01-20, IFH01-33, IFH02-400A
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct and save it
for future reference. Wereserve theright for any errors in text or images and
any necessary changes made to technical data. Ifyou have any questions
regarding technical problems please contact our Customer Services.


The fan heater may be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capability, lack of experience or knowledge which could
jeopardize their safety, provided they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning thesafe use of theproduct and understand
thehazards involved.
Never let children play with thefan heater.
The fan heater is for indoor useonly.
Never cover thefan heater whilst it is switched on.
Do not use thefan heater in bathrooms or environments where it can
be exposed to moisture orwater.
Do not plug any other appliances into thesame wall socket as thefan
Never use thefan heater with atimer or other device that could
automatically turn theheater on when it is unattended.
Never use thefan heater in rooms where flammable liquids or gases
are stored.
The mains lead should be checked regularly. Neveruse thefan heater
if themains lead or plug is damaged.
If themains lead is damaged in any way it must be replaced by
aqualified electrician.
Never use thefan heater if it is in any way damaged or malfunctioning.

Care and maintenance

Always disconnect theplug from thewall socket before moving or
cleaning thefan heater or when it is not to be used for alongtime.
Clean thefan heater using alightly moistened cloth. Onlyuse mild
cleaning agents, never solvents or corrosive chemicals.


This product should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your local authority.


Place thefan heater on aflat surface asafe distance away from
flammable objects such as curtains and furniture.
Be sure to place thefan heater where there is no risk of people
tripping over it or its mainslead.

Operating instructions

The fan heater will become very hot during and after use.
A small amount of smoke might be emitted when the fan heater is
used for the first time, this is completely normal. The heating element
is coated with a thin layer of protective oil which is burnt off the first
time the heating element is heated.
Choose a suitable power setting taking into consideration the
temperature and location where the fan heater is to be used.
Using the highest power setting could constitute an additional load on
the building’s electrical system. If more than one load device (washing
machine, microwave, kettle, etc) is plugged into the same electrical
circuit as the industrial fan heater, the extra current draw could cause
the fuse/circuit breaker to trip.
Contact a qualified electrician if you are unsure or experience
problems with your circuit breaker.
Model IFH02-400A, article number 36-5394, has two power settings, either
2500 W or 5000 W. Theoperation of thepower settings on this model
differs from theother models and works as follows:
If you select 2500 W: theheater warms theroom until it reaches
thedesired temperature (refer to theTurning thefan heater on section).
When theroom has reached thedesired temperature theheating element
will switch off automatically and only thefan will continue to operate.
If you select 5000 W: theheater warms theroom until it reaches
thedesired temperature (refer to theTurning thefan heater on section).
When thedesired temperature has been reached, theheater switches
over to 2500 W and continues to heat. Theheating element does
not switch off automatically if theheater is set to the5000 W setting.
The5000 W setting is intended primarily for large rooms which need to
be warmed up as quickly as possible. If the5000 W setting is used in
small rooms, there is arisk that theroom will become too hot.

Turning the fan heater on

1. Plug the mains lead into a wall socket.
2. Turn the power selector to the preferred setting (refer to
thespecifications of the different power settings) and turn
thethermostat knob to the maximum setting.
3. When the room temperature has risen to the desired level, turn
thethermostat knob back until the heating element switches off.
The heating element will come back on again when thetemperature
drops to maintain the set temperature. Note:Thefan will continue to
rotate even after the heating element has switched off. The fan will
only be switched off when the power selector is set to 0.

Switching the fan heater off

Turn thepower selector to the0 position.

Overheating protection

The fan heater is fitted with anover-temperature safety cut-off which
switches thefan off if it overheats.
Resetting the overheating protection
1. Set thepower selector to0.
2. Unplug themains lead and let thefan heater cool down for
3. Plug themains lead back in and turn thefan heater on.


36-5392, 18-2820

Model IFH01-20, IFH01-20-UK
Rated voltage 230 V, 50Hz
Power settings 650/1300/2000W
Protection class IP24
Mains lead 1.8m
Weight 3.6kg
Size 30×21×20cm
Overheating protection Yes


Model IFH01-33
Rated voltage 230 V, 50Hz
Power settings Fan/1650/3300 W (requires a16 Afuse)
Protection class IP24
Mains lead 1.8m
Weight 5.3kg
Size 39×25×25cm
Overheating protection Yes


Model IFH02-400A
Rated voltage 400V
Power settings Fan/2500/5000 W (low fan)/5000 W (high fan)
Protection class IP24
Mains lead 1.8m
Weight 6.1kg
Size 38×25×25cm
Overheating protection Yes

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