Creative Labs SBS A30

Creative Labs SBS A30 Bedienungsanleitung

  • • 14W x 2 channels
    Woven glass-fiber cone &
    cloth dome tweeter
    • BasXPort technology,
    no subwoofer required
     T20 Series II
    Rs 8,999
    • 6W x 5 channels, 16W subwoofer
    • 5.1 surround sound ideal for gaming
    Port tube & bass-level control
     G500
    Rs 24,999
    T40 Series II
    Rs 14,999
    Three-driver Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM)
    speaker configuration includes BasXPort technology
    for extended bass and excellent dynamics
    Expressive tweeter and high-performance mid-range
    driver gives low distortion and full-range audio with
    crystal clear highs
    Convenient front-access treble, bass and volume
    controls and Auxiliary-in port for customized
    listening experience
    7W x 2 channels high frequency amplifier,
    1W x 2 channels low frequency amplifier
    Creative High Definition Drivers for
    accurate playback
    Titanium super tweeter for smooth
    ultra-high frequency performance
     HD50
    Rs 14,999
     T3
    Compact and stylish satellite speakers
    with convenient front-access control for
    treble, bass and volume
    Two-way speaker design with Creative
    SLAM™ (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic
    Module) technology delivers rich, extended
    bass without a subwoofer
    BasXPort™ technology enhances mid-range
    and lower frequency range for warmer,
    more natural playback
    Rs 17,699
    = +
    Whatever your music taste.
    Whichever movies you fancy.
    Wherever you are. X-Fi™
    technology breathes life into your
    songs. It restores details in your
    music, movies and TV shows,
    expanding the stereo soundscape,
    transforming it into a richer
    surround sound experience.
    X-Fi Crystalizer technology
    gives a fresh vibrancy to
    compressed music and
    movies by restoring lost
    details. All the the highs
    and lows are intelligently
    enhanced, giving you
    crystal clear audio quality.
    X-Fi CMSS
    expands the audio quality
    from stereo to surround sound,
    whether you’re listening to mp3s
    or watching a digital movie
    with headphones, stereo or
    multi-channel speakers. Voices
    are brought to your fore, while
    ambient sounds are moved all
    around you.
    X-Fi technology for rich, vibrant, cinematic
    surround sound in music, movies and games,
    complete with restored details
    Supports USB2.0 for high quality 5.1 Audio
    PC Bus-powered main audio
    Rs 5,499
    Unparalleled X-Fi audio with
    incredible 360° surround effect
    for music and gaming
    • EAX
    for a truly
    immersive gaming experience
    • 1GB Flash RAM contains all
    necessary drivers
    Rs 4,699
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    The Sound of Perfection
    Mozaic  Pocket Video Cam
    Change Your Tune
    Don’t Blend In.
    Trust Your Style
    See it,
    shoot it,
    share it—
    all in an
    Infuse Your Music
    with Color
     Earphones
    Discover the Sound of Perfection with ZEN X-Fi.
    The first X-Fi engineered Media Player that intelligently restores
    all your music to amazing clarity and detail. Comes with Premium
    Grade In-ear Earphones, Built-in Speaker, Vibrant
    2.5” Full Color Screen, and SD Card Slot for unlimited
    memory expansion.
    Check out the new ZEN X-Fi at
    ZEN X-Fi Skin
    Rs 799
    ZEN X-Fi Armband
    Rs 1,499
    ZEN X-Fi Leather Case
    Rs 1,699
    ZEN X-Fi Screen Protector
    Rs 599
    ZEN X-Fi TravelSound Speakers
    Rs 5,999
    Player not included
    8GB Rs 13,599
    • Plug and Play convenience; no driver required
    • EAX
    ADVANCED HD™ 4.1 for realistic gaming experience
    • CMSS
    upmix technology turns stereo audio
    into virtual concert experience
    Rs 1,799
    X-Fi Notebook
    Rs 7,999
    Optimize compressed audio in music
    and movies
    Multi-channel speaker effect from
    stereo headphones
    Play music from any speaker system –
    with the Creative wireless receiver
    X-Fi Elite Pro
    Rs 26,999
    • X-Fi quality audio for home entertainment & gaming
    • External I/O Console
    • Dedicated 64MB X-RAM & EAX ADVANCED HD
    5.0 for gaming
    X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
    Rs 7,499
    • X-Fi technology & EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 for
    realistic gaming audio
    • Audio processing engine boosts real gaming
    performance by up to 15% over motherboard audio
    • Low latency ASIO recording, 24-bit SoundFont
    sampling & 3D MIDI
    X-Fi Titanium
    Fatal1ty Champion Series
    Rs 16,999
    • Delivers the unrivaled X-Fi audio for the ultimate
    experience in gaming, music & movies
    • 3D audio & EAX 5.0 sound effects for realistic game
    performance and clear voice communication
    • Perfect match with PCI Express-equipped computers
    * Supported in Windows VistaTM via OpenAL # 6.1 supported in Windows XP only
    X-Fi Xtreme Audio
    • X-Fi technology for enhanced music/movie
    audio with restored details & vibrancy
    certified surround sound & cinematic
    DVD playback with PowerDVD (DTS & Dolby
    Digital-EX decoding)
    • Delivers stunning surround sound from
    stereo speakers
    Rs 4,999
    Audigy Value
    • Upgrades basic motherboard audio to high-quality
    24-bit, 7.1 audio
    • Enhances music quality & creates cinematic
    surround sound
    • Delivers exceptional gaming experience through
    EAX ADVANCED HDTM* & 7.1 surround sound
    in 3D games
    Rs 2,499
    5.1 VX
    CMSS technology upmixes stereo audio
    to 5.1 surround
    Creates 5.1 multi-channel cinematic surround
    sound on movies with software DVD player
    that supports Dolby
    Digital or DTS
    Reproduces captivating gaming sound effects
    through EAX for in-the-game realism
    Rs 1,499
    X-Fi Titanium
    Rs 7,599
    • EAX 5.0 sound and 3D positional audio intensifies
    soundscape for total gaming immersion
    • Generates precise, detailed surround sound,
    even through headphones, with X-Fi technology
    restoring detail & vibrancy to compressed music
    • Perfect match with PCI Express-equipped computers
    X-Fi Titanium
    Fatal1ty Professional Series
    Rs 12,999
    • Accurate 3D positional audio & EAX 5.0 sound effects
    create highly realistic gaming audio soundscape, help
    locate opponents before they appear
    • X-Fi technology delivers superior detail-restored audio
    for unbeatable gaming performance & exceptional
    voice communication
    • Compatible with PCI Express-equipped computers
    X-Fi Xtreme Audio (PCI Express)
    • X-Fi enhanced audio quality and intense, realistic EAX
    ADVANCED HD sound in your games
    • Enjoy cinematic quality DVD playback with the
    PowerDVD software – equipped with DTS and Dolby
    Digital-EX decoding
    • Perfect match with PCI Express-equipped computers
    Rs 4,999
Creative Labs SBS A30

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Marke Creative Labs
Model SBS A30
Produkte Lautsprecher
EAN 5390660142918
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
- .
Sonstige Funktionen
Lautsprecher Leistung 1
Lautsprecher 2
Audio Kanäle 2.0
RMS-Leistung 2
Produktfarbe Schwarz

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