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Proximity Detection Beacon
> Enhances Crestron
App and Crestron PinPoint
functionality using Bluetooth
> Enables an iPhone
, iPad
, or Android
device to know what
room it is in
> Eliminates the need to manually select the current room or
scroll through lists of devices
> Allows current room controls to be displayed automatically
> Enables intelligent meeting room searches based on
device location
> Enables enhanced home automation based on device location
> Low-profile beacon devices install in each room
> Each beacon requires a simple USB wall charger or an available
USB charging port
> Supports up to 100 rooms, with one or more beacons per room
> Affords fine-tuned performance with an adjustable detection
range (1 to 10 meters)
> Easy configuration using the appropriate Crestron beacon
setup app
Proximity Detection Beacons enhance the intelligence and
personalization of your Crestron
system by enabling your iPhone
, iPad
or Android
device to always know what room it’s in. PinPoint beacons work
with the Crestron PinPoint App or the Crestron App to determine your
location and ensure that the controls displayed on your device are applicable
to the room you’re in. With PinPoint, there’s no need to select your current
location from a menu — your device always knows where it’s at.
Note: At this time, PinPoint proximity detection is not supported using the
Crestron App for Android devices.
Enhancements for A More Intelligent Enterprise
PinPoint beacons are a must-have for every intelligent enterprise. They
work synergistically with the Crestron PinPoint App and Crestron Fusion
to cut through the administrative tasks that plague every work day.
PinPoint beacons enable you to quickly locate the nearest available room
and book an ad-hoc meeting on the spot. Then, walk into the room to
find the lighting and AV system ready and waiting with a message on the
display device or touch screen confirming the current meeting. At the same
time, you’re presented with all the controls for that room right on your
smart device, with the ability to connect and present with one touch if the
room is equipped with Crestron AirMedia
With the help of PinPoint beacons, the building’s technology moves at
your fast pace, so you can be more productive and organized without
slowing down.
Smarter Home Automation
PinPoint unleashes new automation possibilities for residential applications,
enabling your home technology to follow you from room to room. As your
day begins, you awaken to your favorite internet radio station playing in the
master suite. As you move on to the exercise room, the kitchen, and the
study — carrying your iPad or iPhone along with you — the music follows,
playing through the speakers in each room as you go about your morning.
Walk into the kitchen and you’re automatically presented with lighting,
audio, and TV controls for that room. Move into the family room and
instantly start controlling the lighting, shades, and home theater system
in that room. Room temperature, lighting, and shading scenes can also
change as you enter and exit each room. Support for multiple users allows
different scenes, preferences, and permissions to be tailored to each
individual and associated with his or her personal smart device.
Low-Profile Device
The PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacon (PP-100) is a low-profile hardware
device that simply plugs into a USB wall charger (or any USB host port or
USB charging port) in each room or meeting space.
is used to determine the location of a mobile smart device by measuring
its signal strength relative to each of the beacons in the system.
the setup app,
up to 100 rooms can be configured with one or more
beacons per room. Each beacon is adjustable to provide a detection range
from 1 to 10 meters, allowing for fine tuning of the complete system.
Available Models
PP-100-W: PinPoint
Proximity Detection Beacon, White

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