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USB Camera

User’s Manual



This manual introduces the functions and operations of the USB
camera device (hereinafter referred to as "device").
Safety Instructions
Signal Words Meaning
Indicates a high potential hazard which, if not avoided, will
result in death or serious injury.
Indicates a medium or low potential hazard which, if not
avoided, could result in slight or moderate injury.
Indicates a potential risk which, if not avoided, could result
in property damage, data loss, lower performance, or
unpredictable result.
Provides methods to help you solve a problem or save you
Provides additional information as the emphasis and
supplement to the text.
Revision History
Version Revision Content Release Time
V1.0.0 First release. May 2020
About the Manual
The manual is for reference only. If there is inconsistency between
the manual and the actual product, the actual product shall prevail.
We are not liable for any loss caused by the operations that do not
comply with the manual.
The manual would be updated according to the latest laws and
regulations of related jurisdictions. For detailed information, refer
to the paper manual, CD-ROM, QR code or our official website. If
there is inconsistency between paper manual and the electronic
version, the electronic version shall prevail.
All the designs and software are subject to change without prior
written notice. The product updates might cause some differences
between the actual product and the manual. Please contact
the customer service for the latest program and supplementary
There still might be deviation in technical data, functions and
operations description, or errors in print. If there is any doubt or
dispute, we reserve the right of final explanation.
Upgrade the reader software or try other mainstream reader
software if the manual (in PDF format) cannot be opened.
All trademarks, registered trademarks and the company names in
the manual are the properties of their respective owners.
Please visit our website, contact the supplier or customer service if
there is any problem occurring when using the device.
If there is any uncertainty or controversy, we reserve the right of
final explanation.

Important Safeguards and Warnings

Do not aim the device at strong light to focus, such as lamp light
and sun light.
Transport, use and store the device within the range of allowed
humidity and temperature.
Keep the camera away from water or other liquid to avoid damages
to the internal components.
Keep sound ventilation to avoid heat accumulation.
Heavy stress, violent vibration or water splash are not allowed
during transportation, storage and installation.
Pack the device with standard factory packaging or the equivalent
material when transporting the device.
It is recommended to use the device together with lightning arrester
to improve lightning protection effect.
It is recommended to ground the device to enhance reliability.
It is recommended to use qualified video transmission cable to
improve video quality. It is recommended to use RG59 coaxial
cable or higher standard.
Use standard components or accessories provided by
manufacturer and make sure the device is installed and maintained
by professional engineers.
The surface of the image sensor should not be exposed to laser
beam radiation in an environment where a laser beam device is
Do not provide two or more power supply sources for the device;
otherwise it might damage the device.


The USB cameras support the following features. (Some models only
support part of the following features.)
Support USB2.0 port; plug and play with no need for drive
Support UVC protocol, and adaptive to various operation systems
without any drive such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android.
Support UAC protocol and synchronous video and audio recording.
Support video output of YUV/MJPEG/H.264.
Adopt CMOS image sensor of high performance to output
720P/1080P/4M/5M video images.
Support far-field pickup, beamforming and audio noise reduction,
ensuring sound clarity and original sound restoration.
Support auto electronic shutter and auto gain, adapting to various
Support auto focus distance within 0.5 m to 5 m, self-adaptive with
scenario and object distance.
Support privacy mask switch for privacy protection and status


2.1 Dimension

Figure 2-1 Model A (mm [inch])
Figure 2-2 Model B (mm [inch])

2.2 Structure

Take Model A as an example. Structure may vary with different
devices, and the actual product shall prevail.
Figure 2-3 Structure (1)
Figure 2-4 Structure (2)
Figure 2-5 Structure (3)


Install the device in time after it is taken apart, which is to avoid
the camera module being exposed to damp environment for too
Do not tear off the electrostatic adsorption film (if any) on the
surface of transparent cover before installation debugging is
completed, which is to avoid damage during installation.
The installation figures below are for reference only, and the
actual model shall prevail.

3.1 Model A

Figure 3-1 Installation of model A
Step 1 Rotate the camera mounting bracket outwards and open it.
Clamp it to the mounting surface ③. Adjust the camera to
the ideal angle.
Figure 3-2 Adjustment of model A
Step 2 Connect the USB camera to computer with USB cable. When
the device works normally, the indicator will turn on. The
indicators have the following status.
Red: Standby mode.
Blue: Video calling mode.

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Dahua Technology
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Megapixel (ca.)2 MP
Maximale Framerate30 fps
Maximale Video-Auflösung1920 x 1080 Pixel
Unterstützte VideoformateH.264,M-JPEG,YUV
Kamera Verschlusszeit1/15 - 1/100000 s
Rauschverhältnis (SNR)65 dB
Brennweitenbereich3.6 mm
Fokussierdistanz Bandbreite800 mm
Diagonales Blickfeld96 °
Bildwinkel, horizontal81 °
Bildwinkel, vertikal43 °
Arbeitsspannung5 V
Stromverbrauch (Standardbetrieb)1 W
Plug & PlayJa
Kamera HD TypFull HD
Eingebautes MikrofonJa
Größe des Bildsensors1/2.9 Zoll
SchnittstelleUSB 2.0
BefestigungstypClip / Ständer
Eingebauter BlitzNein
Schwenkbereich0 - 360 °
Neigungswinkelbereich-15 - 5 °
Kabellänge1.8 m
Temperaturbereich bei Lagerung-40 - 60 °C
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Lagerung0 - 95 %
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite97 mm
Höhe57 mm
Tiefe33 mm
Gewicht190 g
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