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BedienungsanleitungDAP-Audio GIG-83CFX


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This is a professional compact mixer that gives you great quality and better reliability than ever before.
You will get the smooth, accurate more natural and open sound from this apparatus. It is really ideal for
gigs, recording and fixed PA installations.
The GIG-83CFX Mixing Console is packed with features that cannot be found in other consoles of its size:
2 mono (provided with ultra-low noise microphone pre-amplifiers and Phantom Power at +48 Volt ) and 3
stereo input channels, each of them provided with a 3-band equalizer for HI, MID and LOW controls, as
well as 1 auxiliary control, highly accurate 8-segment bar graph meter and 2-track inputs assignable to
main mix, control room/phones Outputs etc.
This unit is very easy to operate, but we advise you to go through each section of this manual carefully.

Ready to start

1) Please check the AC voltage available in your country before connecting your mixer to the
AC socket.
2) Be sure that the main power switch is turned off before connecting the mixer to the AC
socket. You should also make sure that all input and output controls are turned down. This
will avoid damage to your speakers and avoid excessive noise.
3) Always turn on the mixer before you turn on the power amplifier; turn off the mixer after the power
amplifier is turned off.
4) Before connecting and disconnecting the unit from the power source, always turn off the unit.
5) Cleaning: Disconnect the mains power supply and then wipe the mixer with a damp cloth. Do not
immerse in liquid. Do not use alcohol or solvents.


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Marke DAP-Audio
Model GIG-83CFX
Produkte Mischer
EAN 8717748331601
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Mikrofon-Eingangsimpedanz 1800 Ohm
Technische Details
Videofunktionalität -
Digital sound Bearbeitung 24 Bit
Anzahl Kanäle 8 Kanäle
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 254 mm
Tiefe 343 mm
Höhe 63 mm
Gewicht 2480 g
Stromverbrauch (Standardbetrieb) 40 W
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