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BedienungsanleitungDBX 286s
To use the INSERT jack to MULT the preamp out (i.e., to provide an output with a buffered
version of the signal after the Mic Preamp circuitry, but before the Processing Section), insert
a Mono 1/4” plug fully into the INSERT jack, then pull the plug out one click. Plug the other
end of the cable to the appropriate load. This will still allow the original signal path to
continue to the Processing Section without interruption.
Note: If the plug is accidentally pushed fully into the INSERT jack, it will break off the
connection between the Mic Preamp and Processing Sections; in this case, there would be
no signal at the 286s LINE OUTPUT jack.
AC Power
Connect the AC power cord to the AC receptacle on the back of the unit. Route the AC power
cord to a convenient power outlet away from audio lines. The unit may be turned on and off
from a master equipment power switch.
2.2 Front Panel
Note: To reduce the risk of damage to your system, set the MIC GAIN control fully
counterclockwise and lower your playback monitor levels before you connect a microphone,
power on the unit, or press the PHANTOM button. This will eliminate spikes and surges,
acoustical feedback, loud pops, momentary hiss, or other unwanted sounds.
Mic Preamp
MIC GAIN (dB) and LEVEL (dBu) LEDs (including CLIP LED)
Use this control to set the level of gain added to the microphone input signal (or a line-level
input). Note that the 286s processing controls, or an external processor connected to the
286s INSERT, can provide additional gain. Try to set the MIC GAIN control so that you
do no have to reset it repeatedly; allow headroom for the maximum expected levels. For
microphones (connected to the XLR MIC INPUT connector), the 286s can provide +0dB to
+60dB of input gain. For line-level inputs (connected to the LINE INPUT jack), the gain is
from -15dB to +45dB.
Note: To get the lowest noise possible from the 286s, set the input attenuators (if any) on
your recorder or mixer for nominal levels (often about 3/4” of the way up or at the detent
position; refer to the device’s operating manual). Then, set the 286s MIC GAIN so that your
recorder or mixer is at its optimal operating level.
The red CLIP LED (located to the left of the MIC GAIN control) indicates that the combination

Section 2

Operating Controls



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Marke DBX
Model 286s
Produkte Hi-Fi-System
EAN 0691991401237
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Technische Details
Typ Vorverstärker
Produktfarbe Weiß
Frequenzbereich 20 - 20000 Hz
Stromverbrauch (Standardbetrieb) 15 W
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Paketgewicht 2970 g
Breite 146 mm
Tiefe 485 mm
Höhe 45 mm
Gewicht 2040 g
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