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BedienungsanleitungEdifier TWS NB2 Pro

1. Product Description and Accessories

2. Power on/o

3. Charge

4. User guide

5. FAQs

6. Maintenance

Input: 5V 60mA (earbuds)
5V 1A (charging case)
There are different size of ear tips attached in the package, please select the suitable ones to wear.
Images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
Warning: The rechargeable batteries that provide power for this product must
be disposed properly for recycling. Do not dispose of batteries in fire to prevent
an explosion.
If it is not used for long periods of time, please charge the product with
lithium battery every three months.
Keep the product away from humid places to avoid affecting internal circuit.
Do not use the product during intense exercise or with much sweat to
prevent sweat from dropping into the product to make damage.
Do not put the product in places exposed to sun or with high temperature.
High temperature will shorten service life of electronic components, damage
battery and make plastic components deformed.
Do not put the product in cold places to avoid damaging internal circuit
Do not dismantle the product. Non-professional personnel may damage the
Do not drop, strongly vibrate, strike the product with hard object to avoid
damaging internal circuit.
Do not use drastic chemicals or cleaner to clean the product.
Do not use sharp objects to scratch product surface to avoid damaging shell
and affecting facade.
When charging the charging case, the indicator is o.
Please ensure the charging case is correctly connected with power source.
No sound

Check if the earbuds are operating.

Check if the earbuds volume are at an appropriate level.
Check if the earbuds are correctly connected with mobile phone.
Check if the earbuds are operating within a normal working range.
The call quality of the earbuds are not good.
Check if mobile phone is in an area with strong signal.
Please ensure the earbuds are within effective distance (10m) and no
obstacle between the earbuds and mobile phone.
When playing music, cannot control pause/play/next track via the earbuds.
Please ensure the paired device support AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote
Control Profile) profile.
The tapping function is too sensitive or not sensitive.
Please ensure you are tapping in the effective tap zone with a moderate
intensity or at an appropriate angle. You can also adjust to a desired tapping
sensitivity via the EDIFIER CONNECT APP.
After one earbud alone is connected to another mobile phone, there is no
sound from the other earbud when used again.
When one earbud alone is connected to another mobile phone, the
interconnection between the left and right earbuds may have been
disconnected. To restore the two earbuds mode, double click the pairing
button on the case to resume interconnection between the left and right
earbuds. Then try again.
There is a delay problem when playing game.
Please triple click the left earbud to switch to game mode and then start
playing game.
In-ear detection function is not sensitive or too sensitive.
To ensure every wearing of the earbuds by user can be recognized, the
recognition of in-ear detection have been slightly raised. If not used, please
place the earbuds back into the case for charging and storage; it is better
not to place the earbuds alone in the pocket or on the desk for long periods
of time, so as to avoid interference with the in-ear detection function or
missing of the earbuds. You can also set the automatic in-ear detection
function to other functions or close it via the EDIFIER CONNECT APP.
True Wireless Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation


The earbuds will power on
when the case is opened.
The earbuds will power o
when the case is closed.
Green light is steady lit once
Bluetooth connection
Place the earbuds in the case, and press
and hold the button on the case for
around 3 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing.
Set mobile phone to search for and
connect to "EDIFIER TWS NB2 Pro".
Bluetooth pairing: the white
and green lights flash rapidly.
After pairing is successful, the
green light will flash slowly.
Tap zoneButton Accessories: Ear tips x 3 pairs, Storage bag x 1, Charging cable x 1
Interconnection of the left and right earbuds/clear pairing


Place the earbuds in the case, and double click the button on the case (the white
light flashing rapidly) to clear pairing records and enter the TWS pairing of the left
and right earbuds. When successful, the earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth
pairing state, and the white and green lights will flash rapidly.
Functional operation

Noise reduction mode switch: noise reduction mode(effective when both
earbuds are used), ambient sound mode, and normal mode.

Sound effect mode switch: standard mode, spatial audio mode, and game mode.
Accept/end a call:
double click
Noise reduction mode switch:
double click
Sound effect mode switch:
triple click
Accept/end a call:
double click
double click
Next track:
triple click
Tap zone
In-ear detection function
Music control: Music will be played/paused when one earbud is inserted or

Noise reduction control: In noise reduction mode, the noise reduction will be
enabled when both earbuds are inserted, and will be disabled when one earbud
is removed.

You can also set or close the in-ear detection function via the EDIFIER CONNECT
Charge the earbuds
Place the earbuds in the case and close the case for charging.
Charge the charging case
Connect the included charging cable to the case for charging.

Indicator steady lit = charging
Indicator off = fully charged
Battery level indicator on the charging case
Open/close the case to show the case’s battery level;
if indicator flashes three times: full battery level
if indicator flashes twice: medium battery level
if indicator flashes once: low battery level

Battery level indicator (next to the

charging port)
Model: EDF200026
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2021 Edif ier
International Limited. All rights reserved.Printed in ChinaNOTICE:For the need of technical improvement and system upgrade, information contained herein may be subject to change from time to time without prior notice. Products of EDIFIER will be customized for different applications. Pictures and illustrations shown on this manual may be slightly different from actual product. If any difference is found, the actual product prevails.


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