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BedienungsanleitungEdision Digital Satellite Finder DSF-1
Input frequency
Input level min.
Input level max.
Input impedance
75Ohm , F-connector
Output impedance
75Ohm , F-connector
Power supply
DC 13-18V
Operating range
(LNB gain )
52 60dB


Owners Manual


The digital SATFINDER is microprocessor controlled, making it very reliable and accurate. Signal strength is presented
graphically on the LCD-display in form of thermometer-scales and in numbers (0-99). It can also present pitch tones (the higher
tone the better signal) on a buzzer. The digital SATFINDER is very sensitive and can detect the weakest of signals, strong
incoming signals (powerfull satellite, big dishes ) can easily be attenuated for better readout.


1. LNB Connecting Port
2. Receiver Connecting Port
3. Compass
4. Buzzer Control Key
5. LED Backlight Control Key
6. ATT Increasing Key
If the incoming signal is too strong, (the thermometer-scales shows max and the signal strength value shows 99) it can easily
be attenuated by enabling thisattenuation” function, it reduces the incoming signal to a lower level. There are four step
attenuation totally.
7. ATT Reducing Key(The function is contrary to above item)
8. LCD Graphic Display
It can display various measured parameters for the function you selected. It has LED Backlight which user can freely turn on
or turn off.
9. Adjustable knob
How to
1. connect a jumper cable from the LNB to theSatellite” port on the digital SATFINDER.
2. connect the cable from your satellite receiver to theReceiver” port on the digital SATFINDER


1. Switch the satellite receiver on, the digital SATFINDER will turn on by itself.
2. Set your dish to the proper azimuth and elevation settings.(The information should be supplied with your satellite dish).
3. Adjust the knob until the signal strength display at 0%(the critical point).
4. Peak the signal by slowly moving the azimuth and elevation of your dish. The higher values, the better signal. If the
digital SATFINDER's reading becomes full scale, you can adjust the “ATT” to reduce the incoming signal to a lower
level. Continue to move the dish until you have the highest possible meter reading and the highest possible buzzer pitch.
5. Remove the jumper cable and digital SATFINDER, and reconnect the LNB/LNBF to your receiver.
To avoid a continuous full scale reading, do not use the digital SATFINDER directly in front of the dish.
When using a LNB with gain higher than 60dB, insert a 5dB attenuator between the LNB/LNBF and the
digital SATFINDER.
In case no satellite receiver is at hand a 13-18V DC power supply with F-connector can be connected on theReceiver” side of
the digital SATFINDER to power the SATFINDER.
Under the following test condition:LNB gain =55dB, the carrier C/N=15dB.
Insert a 5dB attenuator when operating with LNB gain =60 ~ 65dB.
Note:all specifications cited in this leaflet are subject to change without notice .

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Digital Satellite Finder DSF-1
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