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For your safety

4.2 General safety instructions

ENDRESS Generators are designed to operate electrical equipment with
appropriate power output requirements. Other uses can lead to severe in-
jury to operating personnel and people nearby. There is also increased risk
of damage to the generator and further property damage.
Mortal danger due to an electric shock if live parts are touched.
Never operate the device if it is in a damaged condition.
Never operate the electrical consumers and connecting cable (power con-
suming equipment) in a damaged condition.
Never feed directly into existing networks that are already connected to a
power source (e.g. power supplier, solar plant, etc.).
Never operate the device with wet hands.
Most injuries and equipment damage can be avoided if all instructions given in
this manual and all instructions attached to the device are followed.
The Generators must not be modified in any way, not even temporarily. This pose
a death hazard to operating and deployed personnel and damage to the gener-
ator and the consumers being used.
Operating company and Operating personnel are to use the Generators only ac-
cording to regulations contained in the entire technical documentation (hereinaf-
ter referred to as appropriate use).
Every instance of inappropriate use and all activities on the Generators that are
not described in this manual are prohibited misuse beyond the legally defined
limits of the manufacturer’s liability. In return all claims for damages and warranty
claims against ENDRESS-Elektrogerätebau GmbH that are associated with mis-
use are null and void.

4.3 Residual risks

As a manufacturer of EU-compliant machines, ENDRESS make great ef-
forts to create designs which already eliminate possible risk potentials at
the design stage. If this is not possible without significantly impairing the
functions of a device, we implement suitable protective measures protect
the user from injury.
If there are still some residual risks associated with working with the de-
vice, we clearly advise the user about these sources of danger, possible
consequences as well as measures to avoid such dangers.
The residual dangers were analyzed and Residual dangers identified during the
development and design of your Generators by means of a danger analysis ac-
cording to DIN EN 60204, DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN ISO 8528-13.
References to general sources of danger can be found in chapters 4 and 5 .
From Chapter 6 one can find concrete warning notices placed before every ac-
tion step which represents a residual risk.
The exact structure and contents of warning notices are defined in the
ISO 3864 series of standards and follow an established identification mark-
ing required to immediately be able to estimate the degree of the respective
danger. Exactly impress upon yourself the identification marking of the

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