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BedienungsanleitungEndress ESE 90 IW/RS
Product identification
Your power generator has been designed for manual or automatic operation (re-
mote start) with one or more electrical consumers. To protect against electric
shock (i.e. current flowing through your body), automatic switch-off according to
DIN VDE 0100-551: 2017-02 is used as the protective separation measure. The
protective conductor system from the attached consumers will take over the
earthing function. The terminal strip (Fig. 6-4 ) is used for connecting a suitable
earth (e.g. an earthing stake). Proper is needed and it must be done by a quali-
fied electrician.
In “building supply” mode (see Chapter 8.2 , the power generator serves as an
emergency power supply for a stationary system through a flexible cable connec-
tion. For this, there is a separate CEE 400 V / 50 Hz socket with white colour
Your generator consists of an AC generator driven by a combustion engine that
is bolted onto it. This unit is mounted elastically inside a closed, sound-insulated
housing, and vibration dampers are used to ensure low vibration.
The unit generates AC (three-phase) current with a nominal voltage of 400 V at
50 Hz. More detailed technical data can be found in Chapter 14 . An integrated
voltage regulator ensures that the stability of the generated voltage is within the
nominal rotational speed range. Power is taken through a spray-water-protected
Schuko socket with nominal voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz 1~ or CEE sockets for 230
V / 50 Hz / 1~ or 400 V / 50 Hz / 3~ (see Fig. 6-4 ).
The generator is only to be used outdoors within the indicated voltage, output,
and nominal RPM ranges (see type plate).
The power generator must never be used for direct feed into other power distri-
bution systems (e.g. public power supply) or be used with other power generation
systems (e.g. other power generators).
The generator is not to be used in explosion-prone environments.
The generator is not to be used in environments where there is a risk of fire.
The generator must be operated according to the specifications in the technical
Every inappropriate use or all activities on the generator that are not described
in this manual is prohibited misuse beyond the manufacturer’s legally defined
limits of liability.

3.2.2 Foreseeable misuse

Apart from the description of appropriate use, the lawmaker also requires
concrete references to the results of “reasonably foreseeable misuse“. In
a case of incorrect use or inappropriate handling of the generator the man-
ufacturer's EU Declaration of Conformity, and automatically thereby also
the operating licence, are nullified. For products with a manufacturer’s war-
ranty the manufacturer will reject any claims made under warranty for dam-
ages which were caused by misuse and its direct as well as indirect
In particular unauthorised misapplications include:
operation of the generator takes place without valid checks for
electrical safety
checking that the stipulated servicing and maintenance work has been
operation of the generator taking place without the protective equipment in-
stalled by the manufacturer
constructional or electrical modifications were made to the generator

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