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For your safety

4 For your safety

The following chapter describes basic Safety instructions for safe operation of
your generator. Your device is a very high-performance electrical machine which
is potentially dangerous when operated if it has not been installed, commis-
sioned, used, serviced and repaired according to the operating manual. If neces-
sary, the operating manual will also include different supplements that depend on
the country of use, in addition to the present one.
Operation, use, servicing as well as any work with or on the generator is therefore
only permitted by such persons who have read this chapter and have put its pro-
visions into practice!
Concrete warning notices can also be found regarding basic safety instructions
further on in this operating manual. These are always placed in an explanatory
text immediately before the description of work steps which can be dangerous if
the warning notice is not observed. Read the following sections for correct and
rapid understanding of these safety and warning notices. They describe their
systematic structure as well as the meaning of markings and symbols.

4.1 Safety symbols

The safety symbol indicates graphically that a source of danger exists. We
use the internationally valid safety symbols from ISO 7010 for rapid and
unique classification of the respective dangerous situation. In the follow-
ing there is a description of the warning symbols used in this operating
manual with an explanation about the respective dangerous situations.
Warning of a general hazard
This warning symbol indicates activities where several causes can lead to risks.
The concrete danger must be respectively more clearly specified by further no-
Warning of a dangerous electrical voltage
This warning symbol is indicates activities where the danger of electric shock ex-
ists, possibly with lethal consequences.
Warning of potentially explosive materials
This warning symbol indicates activities where the danger of an explosion exists,
possibly with lethal consequences.
Warning of toxic substances
This warning symbol indicates activities where a risk of poisoning exists, possibly
with lethal consequences.

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