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BedienungsanleitungEndress ESE 90 IW/RS
7. Unhook the lifting device.
The unit has been transported and positioned at its work site.

7.2 Refuelling your generator

Proceed as follows to the generator.
Conditions The generator is turned off.
The generator has cooled down.
There must be an adequate air supply and air removal.
All power consuming equipment must be disconnected or switched off.
Leaking engine oil and fuel can burn or explode.
A risk of suffering severe even deadly burns.
Prevent engine oil or fuel from leaking out.
Never open the tank cover during operation or when it is hot.
Remove leaked operating fluids immediately and appropriately.
Never use an additional starting aid.
Smoking, naked flames and sparks are forbidden.
Leaking fuel can contaminate soil and groundwater.
Take note of the residual quantity in the tank and its maximum filling capacity.
Always bear in mind that the fuel gauge reacts only after a time delay.
Fill the tank to a maximum of 95%.
Always use a filling aid (e.g. funnel).
Use of wrong or outdated fuel damages or destroys the engine.
Only use the fuel displayed on the sign (Tab. 3-1 ).
Observe the possibly enclosed documentation for the fuel release of the en-
gine manufacturer
Observe the shelf life of the fuel according to the supplier.
Observe the engine operating manual.
Refuelling the gen-
1. Put the Fuel tap in “INTERNAL TANK” position.
2. Screw off the tank cover (Fig. 6-2 ).
3. Insert filler aid into the filler neck.
4. Fill with fuel slowly and evenly.
5. Observe the tank gauge (Fig. 6-2 ), so as not to overfill the tank.
6. Remove the filler nozzle.
7. Reinstall the tank cover.
The generator is now refuelled.

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