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BedienungsanleitungEndress ESE 90 IW/RS
Engine exhaust gases contain poisonous and partially invisible gases such
as carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
Risk of death due to poisoning or asphyxiation.
Ensure that there is good ventilation during the whole period of operation.
Only operate the generator in the open.
Never direct the exhaust gases into rooms or pits.
Starting the engine 1. Turn the selection switch in position 2 “on-site operation” (IT/IN version
2. Turn the controller’s switch into the “ON" position.
The control module's display will come on and the controller will run up.
3. Wait until the start screen is displayed (see Fig. 8-4 ).
4. Set up "Manual" mode on the display by pressing the mode button (right ar-
row) once.
5. Press the “Start” button once.
The engine will start up after the preheating phase.
The engine has started.
The green control LED shows you whether the Generators is ready.
Familiarize yourself with the complete operating procedure for the E-MCS 7.0
control module before initial commissioning of the power generator, see Chapter
8.1 .
Do not apply load to the generator immediately after a cold start.
Allow the generator engine to warm up for a few minutes before switching on
a load when the generator has not been operating for more than eight hours
(or for very low external temperatures).

7.4 Low load diesel engine operation

Internal combustion engines normally run most economically and environmental-
ly friendly when they have reached their optimum operating temperature (with a
coolant temperature from approx. 80°C). Prolonged operation well below the op-
erating temperature or without a specific minimum load will have a negative effect
on the service life. Incomplete combustion processes inside the engine will cause
more and more deposits to form within the engine. If this operating state contin-
ues for too long or it is not compensated for by regular phases running at full load,
this might result in a total engine failure and high repair costs in the worst case.
Damage to the drive motor or other components in the generator that were
caused by low load operation that is contrary to our recommendations (see
below) and/or those of the engine manufacturer will void any warranty or
liability claims.

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