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About this manual

2 About this manual

We would like to explain to you the safe and correct use of your generator in the
best possible way through this operating manual. To do this we have oriented
ourselves to the new European standard DIN EN 82079-1 for preparing the user
It is absolutely essential for safe and appropriate use that you read through this
manual very carefully and understand it before using the device for the first time.
Your observance of it creates the foundation for,
avoiding dangers for yourself and others,
reducing repair costs and downtimes as well as
increasing the reliability and service life of the generator.
Not only this manual but also the laws, regulations, guidelines, and standards ap-
plicable in the country of use must be observed.
This document only describes the safe operation of the generator when used as
a complete unit. The following also includes detailed technical operating instruc-
tions that are binding with regard to using the device's specific components.
This documentation and also the product described in it are subject to a contin-
uous improvement process. In doing this we ensure that the full product is com-
pliant with the current safety requirements and the current state-of-the-art. The
respective most up to date language version of the operating manual and the
original operating manual can be found on our website

2.1 Constituent parts of the documentation

Apart from this operating manual, the following documents are part of your de-
vice’s complete documentation:
Operating and maintenance manual for the engine (FPT-Iveco)
Documentation of the electrical generator (MECC ALTE company, on CD-
Generator circuit diagram
Starter battery handling instructions (electric start)
EU Declaration of Conformity
Generator test report
POWERLOCK BOX operating and maintenance manual (optional)
The complete documentation is an integral part of the device and you must
adhere to it.
All of the integral parts of the documentation must always be accessible to
the operating personnel and they should be kept with the device.

2.2 Using this operating manual

In order to increase the legibility, comprehensibility and transparency of
the document, certain information is highlighted or identified according a
uniform system. The following particularly belong in this category:

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