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Faber-Castell Mask Making
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BedienungsanleitungFaber-Castell Mask Making
Mask Making #1885
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Ages 7 to 97
We even include a plastic work mat and disposable
craft gloves to minimize the mess and maximize
the fun.
When you are finished use your masks for play,
display and dress-up fun.

Are you ready for mask making fun?

This complete set includes everything you

need to make and decorate 5 fun masks.

Start by building up your masks with specially
formulated plaster wrap - it hardens like magic
when placed in water! Then use paint, glitter glue,
tissue paper, feathers and rhinestones to transform
your masks into one-of-a-kind creative creations.

Before You Begin

Let’s Get Started

Note to Parents - Younger children may need additional help and
supervision during this activity.
Select a work area where you can leave your masks to dry overnight.
Wear an old shirt and cover your work area with newspapers. You
will need an old bucket or small plastic bowl and some warm water.
Have a few paper towels handy for quick clean up.
1. Place the plastic work mat over your newspapers and put on your
disposable craft gloves.
2. Grab a roll of the plaster wrap and your scissors. Begin cutting
your plaster wrap into 1, 2 and 3 inch pieces. Important, keep
dry strips away from water!
3. With adult assistance, fill your bowl or bucket with warm water.
4. Set your large plastic mask base face up on your work surface.
Set aside your half mask to use later.

Even More Masks!

Play or Display?

Once you have used up all of your plaster wrap, use the leftover craft materials to
decorate the plastic mask bases. Be sure the paint is dry before adding any of the
extra craft materials.
Your finished masks are fun to wear and fun to display. Here are some
mask ideas:
More Ideas: Clown, skeleton, witch, puppy, vampire…. the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Mexican Wrestler
Super Hero
Sensitive Skin Warning - If you experience any redness
or skin irritation, discontinue wearing the masks.

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Mask Making | 1885
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