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Fagor MS-100 ECO
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BedienungsanleitungFagor MS-100 ECO
CONGRATULATIONS. You have decided to acquire an electric water heater from FAGOR. We are a prestigious brand
and our top priority is fulfilling the needs of our customers, solving them in advance via our innovative state of the art
products. Our specialists have carefully manufactured and inspected all our FAGOR electric water heaters in order to
provide an ideal response to their needs.
Thank you for the confidence placed in us.
- The installation and first use must be performed according to these
instructions and only by trained professionals. (See the installation sec-
- FAGOR water heaters are manufactured and tested according to
current regulations.
- This device can be used by children age 8 and older, by physically,
sensory or mentally handicapped persons, or persons without proper
experience or knowledge, if they have received appropriate supervi-
sion or training regarding the safe use of the device and understand the
dangers involved. Children should not play with the device. Cleaning
and maintenance of the device should not be performed by unsupervi-
sed children.
- If the power cable is damaged it must be replaced by the manufactu-
rer, its post-sales department or similarly trained personnel in order to
prevent any risks.
- The pressure limiter device must be used often in order to remove
lime deposits and verify it is not blocked.
- The water heater does not need any specific maintenance. Before
cleaning the device, disconnect it. Scrubbing it with a smooth cloth or
moist sponge is enough. Do not use abrasive materials or detergents.
Legislations and regulations for the protection of the environment are strictly observed (2002/96/EC guideline on electric
and electronic waste).
At the end of its life cycle, it should not be disposed of mixed with general wastes.
It can be delivered, without any cost, to specific waste collection centers, designed by local administrations, or to suppliers
that provide this service.
Disposing of the electric device separately serves to prevent possible harmful consequences for environment
and health derived from an incorrect disposal, and permits a correct treatment and recycling of its materials,
which result in important energy and resources savings.
For further information, contact the local authorities or the store where you acquired the product.
The correct operation of a water heater does not only depend on the quality of the product, but
also on its correct installation by a trained professional.
Read this manual carefully before installing and using your water heater in order to achieve its
highest performance and extend its life cycle. Keep this manual for future use.
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MS-100 ECO | 911010032
durchlauferhitzer und boiler
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
TypTank (Wasserspeicher)
Solarbatterien unterstützt-
Fassungsvermögen Wassertank100 l
Eingang VerbindungstypG 3/4
Insulationsdicke33 mm
Internationale Schutzart (IP-Code)IP24
Unterstützung von PositionierungHorizontal/Vertical
Domestischer Heißwasserfluss (DHW)- l/min
Max. Leistung1600 W
Temperatur (max)65 °C
Regelbare TemperaturJa
Aufwärmzeit (max.)220 min
Eingebautes DisplayNein
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht33500 g
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Wie schwer ist das Fagor MS-100 ECO?

Das Fagor MS-100 ECO hat ein Gewicht von 33500 g.

Was ist die ideale Raumtemperatur?

Die ideale Raumtemperatur liegt bei den meisten Menschen zwischen 19 und 22 Grad Celsius.

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Leider haben wir kein Handbuch für Fagor MS-100 ECO in Deutsch verfügbar. Dieses Handbuch ist erhältlich in Englisch.

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