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BedienungsanleitungFagor MS-100 ECO
All storage water heaters are of 230V AC. Before connecting make sure that the mains supply and unit input features
The heater’s installation procedure is totally straightforward and only requires that Low Voltage Electronic Regulations be
For installations in bathrooms and toilets Regulation IEC 60364-7-701 shall be adhered to.
Filling up. Open the shutoff cock as soon as the heater has been installed. Open the hot water taps. Water appears as
soon as the unit fills up completely. Close the taps and check the system for leaks.
Don’t connect the heater to the power mains if uncertain as to whether it is full or not.
Electric Connection Plug into the mains and press the main power input switch. A light flashes on when the heating
element is activated. The thermostat re-connects the heating element after a certain amount of water has been used.
Adjusting water temperature. Allows the user to adjust the temperature of hot water between about 30 ° C (minimum
position) and 70 ° C (maximum position).
Position E. (Energy saving). The water reaches a temperature of about 55 ° C. In this position the heat losses are minimal
and the formation of limescale is virtually eliminated.
It is advisable to have the heater plugged into the mains permanently as the thermostat will only activate the unit whenever
it becomes necessary to maintain the selected temperature setting. The expanded polyurethane foaming will neutralize
any potential heat loss.
How to empty the unit. The heater should be fully drained if left unused for extended periods or if subject to freezing
hazards where
installed. This can be done by means of the safety valve.
Always remember to:
– Cut-off the power supply.
– Shut-off the input cock.
– Open the hot water tap.


The water heater does not need any specific maintenance. Before cleaning the device, disconnect it. Scrubbing it with a
smooth cloth or moist sponge is enough. Do not use abrasive materials or detergents.
Any overheating caused by thermostat failures is offset by the safety limiting device cutting both stages off and leaving the
heater without power input.
Should any problem arise, the customer is advised to contact the After Sales Services.
THE MANUFACTURER reserves the right to modify the characteristics and specifications of all products without prion

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VOLUME OF PROHIBITION: Zone 1 defined in figure 5.
No switches, sockets or lighting fixtures will be installed.
VOLUME OF PROTECTION: Zone 2 defined in figure 5.
No switches will be installed, however safety sockets or sockets
protected by a 30 mA circuit breaker may be installed.
The boiler should be installed outside the VOLUME OF PROHIBI-
TION, in order to prevent water reaching the inside of the appliance. If
the boiler has no plug, electrical power should be supplied through a
bipolar switch with contact openings of at least 3 mm. The installation
should be protected with fuses of a calibre corresponding to the
absorbed current. An earth connection should be included in every
electrical installation. To make this connection, the boiler plug is
provided with the appropriate contact, therefore it is enough for the
base of the plug to correspond to that supplied with the appliance.
If there is no regulatory “EARTH”, we recommend the installation of a
30 mA differential switch.
This appliance complies with the regulation on Radio-electric
Disruption and interferences.
WARNING: always service the appliance with official aftersales,
included the plug.
0.6 m
0.6 m
2.25 m

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MS-100 ECO | 911010032
durchlauferhitzer und boiler
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
TypTank (Wasserspeicher)
Solarbatterien unterstützt-
Fassungsvermögen Wassertank100 l
Eingang VerbindungstypG 3/4
Insulationsdicke33 mm
Internationale Schutzart (IP-Code)IP24
Unterstützung von PositionierungHorizontal/Vertical
Domestischer Heißwasserfluss (DHW)- l/min
Max. Leistung1600 W
Temperatur (max)65 °C
Regelbare TemperaturJa
Aufwärmzeit (max.)220 min
Eingebautes DisplayNein
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht33500 g
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