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First Alert 2011FE
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BedienungsanleitungFirst Alert 2011FE

Home and Office Security Safes

Package Contents

1 First Alert
Fire/ Fire Water Chest
1 Operation & Installation Guide
2 Entry Keys

Proper Use of Your Chest

Fire/ Fire Water Chest protect paper records and other valuable documents.
U.L. testing shows that the interior temperature remains below 350°F (177°C)
for 30 minutes during a fire up to 1550°F (843°C). Your Fire/ Fire Water Chest is
protected by our Lifetime After Fire Replacement Guarantee. Please see details in
that section. Verified fire protection for: Memory sticks, CD’s & DVD’s, USB Drives.
This product is NOT INTENDED to protect audio or video cassettes, floppy discs,
data cartridges, film and photos or photo negatives.
Waterproof even when fully submerged
Moisture Warning We recommend that you place delicate items such as
pictures or intricate jewelry into an air-tight container before storing them in
your safe. Avoid placing your Chest in areas of high humidity. For optimum
performance, the safe should be opened and aired out for at least 20 minutes
every two weeks.
To clean your Chest, wash off with a damp cloth and dry. Never use paint
thinners or chemical solvents, as they can permanently damage the finish.

For Your Protection

 •Alwaysstorekeysawayfrom(ANDNEVERINSIDE)Chest.
 •SavethismanualandNEVERkeepitinsidetheChest.

Your Chest’s Unique Identification Numbers

When contacting BRK Brands Europe Ltd. Consumer Affairs, you should be
prepared to supply some important information that specifically identifies
your Chest. This information is extremely important to assuring prompt and
accurate assistance.
It is strongly recommended that you identify and record the following
information in the “Chest Identification Record” form located on the bottom
of this page.
Model Number
The First Alert
Home and Office Security Safes product line consists of many
different models, each identified by a specific Model #. Every model is
manufactured with unique capabilities and features that may require specific
solutions to a variety of difficulties that occasionally occur.
Key Number
The Key # is necessary to identify the specific configuration of the key
and lock cylinder components of your Chest. If a key becomes damaged
or misplaced, the Key # is absolutely required to provide you with a
replacement key.
Locating Key Number
The Key numbers are engraved on the keys and around the lock cylinder.


 RecordallChestIdenticationNumbersbelow:

Consumer AffairsChest IdenticationRecord




Your new First Alert
Fire/ Fire Water Chest will provide years of safe and secure
storage for valuables and important documents. Your Chest has been built with
the highest manufacturing standards to ensure maximum user satisfaction under
a variety of conditions.

Model Number

Key Number


AlwaysstoreyourChest in a flat horizontal
position so that the contents remain
protected duringare.Storingtheunit
on the sides or ends WILLNOTPROTECT
CONTENTS duringare.

Home and Office Security Safes Home and Office Security Safes

Contact Us

United Kingdom

Ordering Replacement Keys

Additional keys can be purchased from BRK Brands Europe Ltd. Please have the
following information ready:
•KeyNumber (located on the key and on the Key lock)
Fire Chest
Fire/Water Chest


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