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Gas on Steel Cooktop, 90cm,

Series 5 | Contemporary
Stainless Steel | LPG
All the essentials in a large cooktop, including two wok burners for
high heat cooking.
Five burners including two wok burners
A flame-failure safety device; if the flame goes out, the gas
turns off




Precise control

The consistent flame and heat distribution of the burners,
including the wok burner, combined with highly responsive dials
offer precise heat control. Perfect a slow simmer for sauces or an
intense heat for searing steaks.

Easy handling

With flat cast-iron grates, pots and pans can easily be slid across
elements, coming in handy in busy cooking environments.

Complementary design

The brushed stainless steel and polished metal trim has been
designed for durability but also provides a modern, stylish finish,
matching the Fisher & Paykel family of kitchen appliances.

Safe and sound

The flame failure safety device automatically turns off the gas if
the flame is accidentally extinguished.

Handy accessories

This cooktop comes with a small pan support and wok stand to
complement different cooking styles.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel component is easily accessible and quick to
clean. Cast iron trivets provide a durable and stable cooking
platform, while rubber feet prevent them from scratching the



Wok stand

Burner ratings

Semi-rapid burner power 1.8kW
Wok burner power 5.0kW


Number of burners 5


Easy clean cooktop design
Quick component removal


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