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BedienungsanleitungFluke T5-1000
PN 686953
March 1998 Rev.1, 9/01
1998-2001 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. Product names are trademarks of their respective companies.


Electrical Tester

Service Information


This service information sheet provides the following information for the T5-600 and T5-1000 Electrical

Testers (hereafter referred to as "the tester").

Safety information

Parts and service information


Cleaning procedure

Required equipment

Performance tests

Parts and accessories list

Battery replacement procedure

For operating instructions, refer to the T5-600/T5-1000 Electrical Tester Instruction Sheet.

Safety Information


To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury, follow these guidelines:

Do not use the tester if it is damaged or operating abnormally. Protection

may be impaired.

Before each use:

Make sure the battery door is closed and latched.

Inspect the tester and test leads. Look for cracks, missing plastic, exposed

metal, or damaged insulation. Replace damaged test leads before using the


Verify the tester’s operation by measuring a known voltage.
Replace the batteries as soon as the low battery indicator (M) appears.
Do not use the tester around explosive gas, vapor or dust.
Do not apply more than the rated voltage, as marked on the tester, between

terminals or between any terminal and earth ground.

Refer servicing to qualified personnel.

Use caution when working above 30 V ac rms, 42 V ac peak, or 60 V dc.
When using the probes, keep your fingers behind the finger guards on the


Connect the common test lead before you connect the live test lead.

Disconnect the live test lead first.

The display will not display hazardous voltages in display hold. The voltage

indicator LED (

) continues to operate.



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