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Starting a programme with

delay start

1. Set a programme.
2. Press
again and again until the
display shows the delay time you want
to set (from 1 to 24 hours).
The delay indicator comes on.
3. Close the appliance door to start the
While a countdown is running it is possible
to increase the delay time but not to
change the selection of the programme and
When the countdown is completed, the
programme starts.

Opening the door while the

appliance operates

If you open the door while a programme is
running, the appliance stops. It may affect
the energy consumption and the
programme duration. When you close the
door, the appliance continues from the
point of interruption.
If the door is opened for more
than 30 seconds during the
drying phase, the running
programme will end.

Cancelling the delay start while

the countdown operates

When you cancel the delay start you have
to set the programme and options again.
Press and hold simultaneously and
until the appliance is in programme
selection mode.

Cancelling the programme

Press and hold simultaneously and
until the appliance is in programme
selection mode.
Make sure that there is detergent in the
detergent dispenser before you start a new

End of programme

When the programme is completed and
you open the door, the appliance is
automatically deactivated.
Close the water tap.



The following hints will ensure optimal
cleaning and drying results in daily use and
also help to protect the environment.
Remove larger residues of food from the
dishes into the waste bin.
Do not pre-rinse dishes by hand. When
needed, use the prewash programme (if
available) or select a programme with a
prewash phase.
Always use the whole space of the
When loading the appliance, make sure
that the dishes can be completely
reached and washed by the water
released from the spray arm nozzles.
Make sure that items do not touch or
cover each other.
You can use dishwasher detergent, rinse
aid and salt separately or you can use
the multi-tablets (e.g. ''3in1'', ''4in1'',
''All in 1''). Follow the instructions written
on the packaging.
Select the programme according to the
type of load and degree of soil. With the
ECO programme you have the most
efficient use of water and energy
consumption for crockery and cutlery
with normal soil.

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