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BedienungsanleitungFors GVI 6156
product of extremely high quality, which
also rates excellently in the area of
We provide a two-year warranty covering
the operating ability and operational safety
of this appliance insofar as we guarantee
that the appliance is free from material
defects and manufacturing defects. During
the two-year warranty period, from the day
on which the appliance is first installed
onwards, from 01.01.2004 at the earliest,
we will replace faulty parts free of charge to
the owner in line with the following
provisions. The new warranty period of two
years applies only to those appliances
which come with this warranty brochure.
This warranty only applies however if the
inspection carried out by FORS AG locates
a defect that is without doubt covered by
these warranty provisions.
The following conditions apply to the
The warranty covers appliances which
are in operation in Switzerland and the
Principality of Liechtenstein and which
were distributed by FORS.
2. The warranty claims can only be
asserted on presentation of this
warranty certificate after it has been
correctly filled out by the dealer or on
presentation of the sale invoice
specifying the serial number.
3. The following are excluded from
coverage by the warranty: Damage
resulting from misuse or negligence,
inadequate maintenance and cleaning,
improper handling and installation, faulty
current supply, exposure to water, fire,
electro-magnetic fields or force
majeure. Lights, parts made of glass
and plastic, and expendable parts. In
addition, damages arising as a result of
transport subsequent to delivery to the
initial purchaser and transport charges
should a service technician be unable to
reach an appliance by car are also
4. The warranty obligation shall expire if
repairs or modifications are made or
individual parts are replaced by a party
other than an authorised FORS AG
customer service point.
If repairs or customer service work are
requested due to reasons not covered
by this warranty, they are to be paid by
the client.
Replaced parts shall become the
property of FORS AG and are to be
returned immediately upon request.
Removing or rendering unrecognisable
the appliance’s original serial number,
or using nongenuine spare parts,
releases FORS AG from all its warranty
8. Work completed under warranty does
not bring about an extension of the
appliance’s warranty period.
9. Constructive and proximate damages
cannot be awarded.
Customer service (FORS-Service-
Hotline): 0800 55 46 50
Initial operation
Model Serial number
Date/location Supplier’s stamp FORS AG/SA 2557 Studen
Tel. 032 / 374 26 26
Fax 032 / 374 26 70


Please recycle all materials marked with the
symbol . Dispose of all packaging
materials appropriately and help to protect
the environment, and future generations.
Do not dispose of electrical equipment
marked with the symbol along with the

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