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BedienungsanleitungFte maximal PRO 201
User’s manual · PRO 201
- 1 - PRO 201 Version_en_1.3 FTE maximal
Note: This user’s guide is adapted to software version 1.8.41 dated 07/11/2011.
For future software updates, you can download the user’s guide from the following website:

Chapter 1 Installation.

1.1 Safety Measures

1.- Never place the device next to hot sources.
2.- Never undergo the equipment to temperatures that exceed its the level of operation.
3.- Avoid locations with possibilities of spilling liquids on the inside of the device, and with important changes of
4.- Never open the equipment yourself due to electric risk. In case of problems, go always to qualified technicians.
5.- Never place any heavy object over the device, as it could get damaged

1.2 Box content

PRO 201 User’s guide
RS-232 cable RJ-45 cable SD Card

1.3. Descriptions and connexions

This device has been specifically designed for programming modules that allow this function.
The feeding of PRO 201 is provided directly from the module that has to be programmed, except for DVB 300 series,
which needs a DC injector for feeding the programmer.
In the big sized (20 x 4 characters) LCD display appears all the necessary programming menus of the module.
In order to surf through all the menus of each programmable module, PRO 201 is provided with a keyboard composed by
6 keys that, intuitively, allow an easy selection of the parameters that have to be programmed.
Due to the constant changes and appearing of new modules, not initially foreseen, this programmer allows updating the
firmware that it incorporates easily, in order to adapt itself to new needs.
PRO 201 incorporates a SD card reader that allows the user to program and update the different devices from the
programmer, apart from increasing the storage capacity.
In case that the programming of any modules is not allowed because the firmware is not adapted, in the display you can
see the Firmware version and which are the modules allowed by that version, in order to facilitate the detection of the
Note: SD card must be inserted always in PRO 201 for the correct working of the programmer, since due to
the variety of available devices their configuration is saved in the SD cards. This way, when the programmer
detects de module, it search the configuration of this module in its inner memory first, and after in the SD card,
if it does not find it, it does not allow the programming.


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