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BedienungsanleitungGamewright Rat-a-Tat Roll


Roll the dice and move around the board trying to collect
low-scoring (Cat) cards. Choose carefully how many
dice to roll, as you’ll likely take the card that matches the
color region you landed in. The game ends when all
players have collected 5 cards (2 player game) or 4 cards
(3-5 player game). Then everyone reveals their hand and
adds up their values. The player with the lowest total wins.
Place the board in the center of the playing area.
Note: The board is divided into 5 color regions, each
separated by a black “Wild die” space.
Place the “Catue of Liberty” pawn on one of the ve black
“Wild die” spaces.
Give each player 1 Icon Guide card. (Place any extras back
in the box.)
Shufe the Number cards and deal each player 1 card face-down.
Everyone should secretly look at their own cards once, then
turn them face-down again. (Each player now knows the value
of their card and needs to remember it during the game.)
Deal 1 card face-up in front of each of the 5 color regions
around the board. Stack the rest of the Number cards face-
down in the center of the board to form a draw pile.
Give each player 2 Re-roll tokens (regardless of the value
of their starting card). Place the remaining tokens in the center
of the board, next to the draw pile.
Place the 4 dice within easy reach of all players.
If you took a card from around the board, end your turn by replacing
it with the top card from the draw pile. In the event that there are
ever more than 3 face-up cards around the board with a Re-roll
icon, immediately shufe all ve face-up cards back into the deck
and deal out new cards to each of the 5 color regions.
Note: Once youve placed a card face-down in front of yourself, you
may not rearrange it with your other cards.
Whoever most recently visited a famous monument goes rst, and
play proceeds clockwise. Start your turn by deciding how far you
want the Catue of Liberty to travel around the board, with the goal
of collecting the lowest available face-up card.
Once you decide on your target card, you may either roll 1, 2, or
all 3 number dice depending on how many you think it will take to
reach the color region with that card. (Hint: The further you need to
go, the more dice youll need!) Roll the dice, count up the total and
then, assuming you dont want to re-roll (See: “Re-roll”), move the
Catue of Liberty that number of spaces clockwise around the board.
Next, look at the icon under the gurine and take one of the
following actions, depending on the space where you landed:
Collecting Re-roll tokens gives you a chance
to re-roll dice on a future turn. After you roll
but before you move you may spend one or
more Re-roll tokens to re-roll any previously
rolled dice on that turn. However, you may not roll any
additional dice.
Example: Chris decides he wants to roll two dice, but after rolling he
doesnt like the result. He may use 1 Re-roll token and re-roll one or
both of the dice he originally rolled, however he may not add the
third die and roll all three.
You may re-roll as many times as you have tokens to spend (one
re-roll per token), and Re-roll tokens may also be spent on Wild
die rolls. Place any used tokens back in the center pile.
Continue taking turns and collecting cards until you have either 5 cards
(2 player game) or 4 cards (3-5 players) face-down in front of you.
Once this happens, on all future turns you may decide whether to
skip your turn or roll. However if you choose to take your turn,
instead of rolling the number dice and moving the Catue of Liberty,
you only roll the Wild die. Re-roll tokens may still be used, but if you
collect a card from around the board you MUST discard an older
card from your collection to the bottom of the draw pile.
As soon as the last player has collected the required
number of cards this triggers the nal round of the
game. During the nal round, each player gets one
last opportunity to skip their turn or roll the Wild die,
ending with the person who triggered the nal round.
(Remember: If your roll results in taking a card from
one of the ve piles, you MUST swap it for one of your older cards.)
Then everyone reveals their cards and adds up their totals.
The player with the lowest score wins!
It’s been over 20 years since we released the original Rat-a-Tat Cat
and, while we werent specically looking for a new companion game,
weve always kept our eyes out for games that might complement
this Gamewright classic. Inventor Jack Degnan came up with a
clever take on “roll and move” games that puts a strong focus on
decision-making vis-à-vis dice probability. With the ability to choose
the number of dice to roll each turn, you’ll quickly learn learn that
sometimes your choices will pay off, and other times, your best laid
plans may be thwarted by an unlucky roll!
Wild Die
Take the face-up card
OR the top card from the
draw pile.
Take a Re-roll token from
the center.
Look at all of your cards OR
one of an opponent’s cards.
Take the lowest value
face-up card.
Take the highest value
face-up card.
Swap one of your face-down
cards for an opponent’s
face-down card. (No peeking!)
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12/12/18 11:28 AM
Instead of landing in one of the color regions, you
may land a “Wild die” space. If this happens, roll
the Wild die and take the related action:
You must take the single lowest card from the ve
face-up cards. If there are duplicates, you may
choose which card to take.
You must take the single highest card from the ve
face-up cards. If there are duplicates, you may
choose which card to take.
Swap one of your face-down cards with
an opponents face-down card. Note: Swapping
is optional but if you choose to do it, you may not
look at either your or your opponents card.
You may choose either to take the face-up card
in this color region or instead draw the top,
face-down card from the draw pile. If you choose
the latter make sure to look at it before placing it
face-down next to your other cards! Collect a
Re-roll token if appropriate (see below).
You must take the face-up card in this color region
and place it face-down next to your other cards.
Additionally, collect 1 Re-roll token from the center.
(If the pile is depleted no more may be collected.)
Note: Some cards feature a Re-roll icon in the top
right corner. If you take a 7, 8, or 9 either from one
of the face-up cards or from the top of the draw pile,
collect a Re-roll token. If you land on a Re-roll space
and have to take a 7, 8, or also 9, you earn two tokens!
You must take the face-up card in this color region
and place it face-down next to your other cards.
Then, you may peek either at ALL of your own
face-down cards or ONE of an opponent’s face-down
cards. This is your only chance to look, so try your
best to remember the cards!

Game by Jack Degnan

Box and Board Illustrations: Carlo Stanga. Card Illustrations: Roni Shepherd

Gamewright 70 Bridge Street / Newton, MA 02458

email: /

©2019 Gamewright, a division of Ceaco Inc. All rights reserved.

cards: 5 Icon Guide cards
Re-roll tokens
number dice
Wild” die
game board
Catue of Liberty” pawn

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