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Do not use a steel wool pad; it will scratch
the surface.
To clean the stainless steel surface,
use warm sudsy water or a stainless steel
cleaner or polish. Always wipe the surface
in the direction of the grain. Follow the
cleaner instructions for cleaning the
stainless steel surface.
To inquire about purchasing stainless
steel appliance cleaner or polish, or to
find the location of a dealer nearest you,
please call our toll-free number:
National Parts Center 1.800.626.2002
NOTE: Allow warming drawer to cool before
removing pan.
NOTE: Wipe spills promptly after each use.
Warming drawer has a removable pan
for easy cleaning. Clean with hot soapy
water and a sponge or dish towel. Dry
with a clean cloth. Replace the pan in
the lower oven drawer.

Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning

Troubleshooting Tips

Consumer Support

Removable Warming Drawer Pan

NOTE: For models with an electric warming
drawer, before performing any adjustments,
cleaning or service, disconnect the range
electrical power supply at the household
distribution panel by removing the fuse or
switching off the circuit breaker. Make sure
the drawer heating element is cool.

Oven Shelves

All oven shelves may be cleaned by hand
with an abrasive cleaner or steel wool.
After cleaning, rinse the shelves with
clean water and dry with a clean cloth.
Gray porcelain-coated oven shelves may
remain in the oven during the self-
cleaning cycle without being damaged.
The shiny, silver-colored oven shelves
may remain in the oven during the self-
cleaning cycle, but they will lose their
luster and become hard to slide.
It will be necessary to grease all oven
shelf side edges with a light coating of
vegetable oil after cleaning them by hand
or in the oven. This will help maintain
the ease of sliding the shelves in and
out of the oven.

Stainless Steel Surfaces (on some models)

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